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Ramayana - The Great Epic of Indian Culture (ILLUSTRATED)
by A Compilation      (Author ALERT)

Our Price: $10.00 USD

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ProductID: 7794 - Paperback - 160 Pages (Year: 2004)
Manoj Publications ~ ISBN: N/A

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Valmiki's Ramayana - Special Issue
by Anant Pai Description

This book, graced with beautiful illustrations, tells the story of Lord Rama. The original epic was written in Sanskrit by Sage Balmiki, and later translated into other languages and versions. The most famous of the other versions is Goswami Tulsidas written 'Ram Charit Manas'. This book is a fusion of the best of the both these epics.

Ramayana epic is the most revered book of Hindu religion in which lives the soul of our culture and the faith. It tells the story of Lord Rama, the godly king of the hearts of all Hindus who form a quarter of the entire human race. He was infact a commoner earlier who received divine inspiration to transform into a sage to fulfil that task.

The original epic was later translated into other languages and versions illustrating the character and the deeds of lord Rama in different colours. The most famous of the other versions is Goswami Tulsidas written Ram charit Manas. He had accepted Lord Rama as his deity and God. Hence his version is more devotional like a prayer whereas for Balmiki, Rama was Superman of human values. Ramcharit Manas became more popular and visible everywhere as it was written in simple common man’s language.

Our book Ramayana is a fusion of the best of the both of above epics. It’s a compete story, a moving parade of devotion, emotions, love, romance, drama, plotting, sacrifice and valour. A virtual treasure of Indian cultural values and colourful episodes of our past which shaped our thinking, beliefs and life philosophy.

The language is simple and clear. The narration is fascinating. The Book is graced with beautiful illustrations. It is a moral and cultural guide for the present generation and for the generations to come. A Treasurable edition.

 Table of Contents

Baal Kanda (Childhood Episode)

Ayodhya Kanda

Aranya Kanda (The Forest Episode)

Kishkindha Kanda

Sunder Kanda (Fascinating Episode)

Lanka Kanda

Uttara Kanda

Lava-Kusha Kanda



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