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Manoj Mitta Collection
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When a Tree Shook Delhi - The 1984 Carnage and its Aftermaths
by Manoj Mitta ,  H S Phoolka      (Author ALERT)

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ProductID: 23508 - Paperback - 221 Pages (Year: 2011)
Roli Books ~ ISBN: 9788174366191

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It stands out even in a country inured to mass violence – 3,000 members of a minority community slaughtered over three days in 1984, right in India’s capital.

Twenty-three years on, neither the organizers of the massacre nor the state players who facilitated it have been punished, despite prolonged inquiries and trials.

This massacre of Sikhs in the wake of Prime Minister Indira Gandhi’s assassination has turned out to be a reality check on India’s much touted institutions of the rule o law.

The book seeks to uncover the truth on the basis of he very evidence that came to light during the proceedings of the Nanavati Commission.

Authors Manoj Mitta and HS Phoodkar, perhaps the most knowledgeable voices on the subject, present an unsparing account, abounding with insights and revelations, on the 1984 carnage and its aftermath.

 Table of Contents


Dateline New Delhi
Disarming Tactics
Block 32
Plight of a War Hero
A Tale of Two Gurdwaras
Masterly Inaction
Rape in the Time of Mourning
Under the Army’s nose
False hero

Personal Fallout
The beginning of the Struggle
Clubbing the Good with the Bad
A Farce of an Inquiry
Further Cover-up
Turning Point
Pitched Battles
Travails of Leaders
A Fresh Inquiry
Late Impact
Small Mercy



 About the Author

Manoj Mitta, forty-three, is a journalist who casts a critical eye on India’s record on the rule of law, human rights and judicial accountability. A law graduate from Hyderabad, he is a senior editor with The Times of India, and has worked earlier with The Indian Express and India Today. He has written extensively on the 1984 carnage. He lives in Noida with his wife and two children.


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