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Jim Corbett Collection
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Jim Corbett's India - Selected Stories
by Jim Corbett      (Author ALERT)

Our Price: $19.65 USD

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ProductID: 6505 - Paperback - 250 Pages (Year: 2000)
Oxford University Press ~ ISBN: 0195624815

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Buy Together: Jim Corbett's India - Selected Stories ($19.65) and My Own Witness ($23.63)

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 Indiaclub.com Description

These are some of the best tiger stories ever written, utterly gripping accounts of the step by step stalking of man-eaters in the jungle.

Corbett's books on tigers and leopards are not conventional shikar books from India. 'They are as much natural history and anthropology. Apart from that he is a very good story-teller. The narrative of his pursuit of the Rudraprayag leopard holds attention like The Hound of the Baskervilles. His books also contain extraordinarily evocative descriptions of the landscapes of the sub-Himalayan region.

Jim Corbett's stories of tiger-hunting are among the classics of adventure. His career as a hunter of man-eaters - whether leopard or tiger - stretched from 1907 to 1939; and the books in which he described both these expeditions and his daily life in the northern India of those years were best sellers. Here is a selection of his writings, taken from, among others, Man-eaters of Kumaon, My India, and Jungle Love, which will introduce Jim Corbett to a new audience, as well as give renewed pleasure to his old ones.


These are some of the best tiger stories ever written, utterly gripping accounts of the step by step stalking of man-eaters in the jungle. - Oxford Times

For Corbett fans, this book forms a journey into nostalgia - to savor once more the special atmosphere of the Indian jungle as it was half a century back. - The Economic Times


The Stories and extracts have been selected by R E HAWKINS, who was Corbett's publisher and editor, and who provides an Introduction on the man, his life and his work.

 Table of Contents


1. Kunwar Singh

2. Schooldays

3. Loyalty

4. Life at Mokameh Ghat

5. Mothi

6. The Law of the Jungles

7. The Muktesar Man-eater

8. The Panar Leopard

9. Goongi

10. The Pipal Pani Tiger

11. The Pilgrim Road

12. Terror

13. Vigil on a Pine-tree

14. The Chowgarh Tigers

15. The Bachelor of Powalgarh

16. The Fish of my Dreams

17. Robin

18. Wild Life in the Village : an Appeal

19. The Mohan Man-eater

20. Just Tigers

21. On Man-eating

22. Looking Back


 About the Author

JIM CORBETT, India's most famous hunter of man-eating tigers, was transformed, by his love for the Indian forest, into a conservationist of great commitment as well as a story-teller of great skill. His adventurous and insightful tales about wild tigers have not only kept a whole generation of readers entertained but also won them over to the cause of the environment.


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