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Shanti Hiranand Collection
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Jo Aaj tak na Keh Saki - Ghazals (Set of 2 Music CDs)
by Shanti Hiranand ,  Radhika Chopra      (Author ALERT)

Our Price: $18.50 USD

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ProductID: 28880 - Jewel Case - N/A Pages (Year: 04/2010)
Mystica Music ~ ISBN: ACE - 10002

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This album of 2 CDs carries following tracks:

CD 1

Vol. 1 Shanti Hiranand
1. Bahot Kathin Hai
2. Zindagi Tujhse
3. Jab Se Tujhko
4. Khushi Kya
5. Hazaaro’n Manzile’n
6. Kheench Laya
7. Suben Roshan

CD 2

Vol. 2 Radhika Chopra

1. Subeh Roshan Ko
2. Meri Bato’n Ko
3. Pya Unse Na
4. Tu Samajhta Hai
5. Barsei’ngi Aaj
6. Kheench Laya
7. Tamaam Raat (Nazm)


 About the Author

SHANTI HIRANAND was born in a business family in Lucknow. Her penchant for music goes back to her childhood. Soon it became on all consuming passion for her. Starting her early training at the Music College in Lucknow, she had to shift to Lahore in the early forties because of her father’s business interests. Her first performance was on Radio Lahore in 1947. After partition her family shifted back to Lucknow and she started training under Ustad Aijaz Hussain Khan of Rampur. Alongside she continued performing on AIR. She met her Guru, Guide and Mentor in Begum Akhtar in 1957. Ammi trained her in the traditional forms of thumri, dadra and ghazal singing. Begum Akhtar’s passing away in 1974 drove her to dedicate her entire efforts to excel in the art given to her by her Guru.


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