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Joshua M Benjamin Collection
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The Mystery of Israel'sTen Lost Tribes and the Legend of Jesus in India - The Mystery of Israel's
by Joshua M Benjamin      (Author ALERT)

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ProductID: 8769 - Hardcover - 150 Pages (Year: 2001)
Mosaic Books ~ ISBN: 8185399573

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Where are the ten lost tribes of Israel which were scattered nearly 3000 years ago? This book compiles and discloses interesting facts and legends about the lost tribes and Jesus based on ancient and some recent discoveries.

Three thousand years ago and more, on the destruction of their temple in Jerusalem, the two Jewish tribes that comprised the kingdom of Judah and the ten that constituted the kingdom of Israel to the north of Jerusalem were dispersed under the pressure of the invaders—the Assyrians and other hostile nations and empires. The dispersion of the two Judean tribes is fairly well recorded in the Bible and by historians of ancient times; but strangely, that of the ten tribes of Israel was either left unrecorded or was entirely lost during or soon after their dispersion. Through three millennia this has remained one of history’s unsolved mysteries.

In this book Joshua Benjamin describes the various attempts made to solve this mystery, and traces possible the various attempts made to solve this mystery, and traces possible candidates for consideration as descendants of the lost tribes in regions as far apart as Ethiopia, China and India—in Kashmir in the north, Manipur in the northeast and in the Konkan in coastal Maharashtra in the southwest.

An early legendary seeker for the ‘dispersed of Israel’ was Jesus of Nazareth: ‘Go not into the way of the Gentiles, and into ‘any’ city of the Samaritans enter ye not; But go rather to the most sheep of the house of Israel’. (Matt. 10:5-6); and again, ‘I am not sent but unto the lost sheep of the house of Israel’. (Matt. 15:24).

The author’s investigation leads him to interesting facts and legends concerning the likelihood that the 17 years of Jesus’ life unaccounted for in the Bible were spent in India; and also advances the possibility of the return of Issa (Jesus) to India after his survival of the crucifixion and of his ultimate death and burial at Rozabal in Kashmir—an extant site traditionally termed the grave and tomb of Yuz Asaf (Jesus) to this day.

 Table of Contents

List of Illustrations
Preface and Acknowledgements

1. Historical Background: Appendix: ‘Hebrews’, ‘Israel’, ‘Bani Israel’ ‘Judeans’, ‘
2. Traces of the Lost Tribes
3. The Essene Brotherhood
4. Life of Jesus and the Mystery of His Crucifixion
5. Jesus and Thomas Go to India
6. The Buddhist Scrolls: Discovery of Nicholas Notovitch
7. Royal Prince Invites Jesus to India
8. The Lost Tribes and Buddhism
9. ‘Bhavishya Mahapurana’ and ‘Rajatarangani
10. Kashmir and the Lost Tribes

Annexure I: Prayer Tunes of the Jews of India
Annexure II: Extract from Diary (1686 CE) of Mosseh Pereyra De Paiva
Annexure III: Holy Qur’an and Bani Israel
Annexure IV: Bani Israili Mohalla in Uttar Pradesh, India
Annexure V: Freemasonry and the Essene, Brotherhood
Annexure VI: Issa in India
References and Recommended Reading


 About the Author

JOSHUA M BENJAMIN, FRIBA, FIIA, Born 8.6.1920, Lonavla, Maharashtra (India). Held senior positions in Government. Retired as Chief Architects, Ministry of Works and Housing, Govt. of India. Designed Parliament Annexe, New Delhi and several buildings in India and abroad. Continues interest in archaeology and Lost Tribes.


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