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Khalifa Abdul Hakim Collection
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Islamic Ideology
by Khalifa Abdul Hakim      (Author ALERT)

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ProductID: 14109 - Hardcover - 408 Pages (Year: 1997)
Adam Publishers ~ ISBN: N/A

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This book presents Islam as a universal religion based on reason and the religious experience of the prophets. It gives a viewpoint that guarantees the preservation of all essential values in the present-day conflict of ideologies.

Attempt shall be made in this book to bring out and elucidate the basic concepts of Islam. Islam is the oldest as well as the youngest of all the great religions professed and partially practiced by large portions of humanity. Islam is s old as God and His creation. Before humanity appeared on the scene it was the religion of the universe and the creatures that inhabited it, and it continues to be the religion of Natuae. According to the creed of the Quran, the first Man of Knowledge was a Muslim. He was created with infinite potentialities to assimilate Divine attributes in order to fit himself as the Vicegerent of God on the earth.

This book is an humble attempt at the elucidation of that ideology. It shall be based mostly on quotations from the Quran and the authentic sayings of the Prophet. The precepts and examples of the Prophet and those of his companions who imbibed his teaching would also be utilized. All sectarian controversial matter has been eschewed and Islam is presented in its broad basic principles. It is a philosophy as well as a way of life. Let the Muslims try to understand and appreciate their own heritage before they are able to compare it with other philosophies and other schemes of life.

 Table of Contents



Obstacles to Belief
Naturalism and Super-Naturalism
The Quranic View of the Causation
Islamic Theism
The Attributes of God
The Essential Attributes
Divine Omnipotence and Divine Goodness
Islamic View of Religion
Worship and Service
The Ethics of Islam
War and Peace
A Comparative Study of Ideologies
Reconstruction and Renaissance
Muhammad (P B U H) The Liberator



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