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151 Stories from the Arabian Nights   ( Large format onn Art Paper with  Color  Illustrations)
151 Stories from the Arabian Nights ( Large format onn Art Paper with Color Illustrations)

151 Stories from the Arabian Nights ( Large format onn Art Paper with Color Illustrations)

by A Selection

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Manoj Publications


9788131017241 - Year: 2014 - Pages: 80



A Selection
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Author: A Selection
Publisher: Manoj Publications
Year: 2014
Language: English
Pages: 80
ISBN/UPC (if available): 9788131017241


The book iis an English version of the Arabic text titled ‘Alif Laila’ meaning A Thousand and One Nights. Out of 1,001 Arabian Nights we have culled the best chosen 151 Arabian Nights for our esteemed readers. The stories are full of intrigue, plot, mystery, thrill and what not. They present the Arab culture and flavor.

As one reads story after story, one is sure to delve deep into the Arab culture and its environment. The stories hold readers spellbound. They have stood the test of time. In the modern world, they still attract readers who, whether young or old, go through them with keen interest and excitement.



1. The Story Begins
2. The Merchant and the Genie
3. The First Old Man and the Hind
4. The Second Old Man and the Black Dogs
5. The Fisherman
6. The Greek King and Physician Douban
7. The Husband and the Parrot
8. The Wazir Who Was Punished
9. The Young King of the Black Isles
10. Sons of Kings and of Five Ladies of Baghdad
11. The first Calendar, Son of a King
12. The Second Calendar, Son of a King
13. Two Neighbours
14. The Third Calendar, Son of a King
15. The First Voyage of Sindbad the Sailor
16. The Second Voyage of Sindbad the Sailor
17. The Third Voyage of Sindbad the Sailor
18. The Fourth Voyage of Sindbad the Sailor
19. The Fifth Voyage of Sindbad the Sailor
20. The Sixth Voyage of Sindbad the Sailor
21. The Seventh and Last Voyage of Sindbad the Sailor
22. The Little Hunchback
23. The Barber’s Fifth Brother
24. The Barber’s Sixth Brother
25. Prince Camaral Zaman and Princess Badoura
26. More Adventures of Prince Camaral Zaman and Princess Badoura
27. Nuruddin and the Fair Persian
28. Aladdin and the Wonderful Lamp
29. Caliph of Baghdad
30. The Blind Man Abdulla
31. Sidi Nouman
32. Ali Cogia, Merchant of Baghdad
33. The Enchanted Horse
34. Two Sisters who were Jealous of their Younger Sister
35. More of Two Sisters and Their Younger Sister
36. Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves
37. A Dream Come True
38. The Water Fowl and the Tortoise
39. The Mouse and the Ichneumon
40. The Cat and the Crow
41. The Fox and the Cow
42. The Flea and the Mouse
43. The Saker and the Birds
44. The Sparrow and the Eagle
45. The Hedgehog and the Wood-Pigeons
46. The Merchant and the Two Sharpers
47. The Thief and his Monkey
48. The Foolish Weaver
49. The Sparrow and the Peacock
50. The Hatim of the Tai Tribe
51. Maan, Son of Zaidah
52. Maan, Son of Zaidah and the Badawi
53. The City of Labtayt
54. Caliph Hisham and the Arab Youth
55. The City of Many Columned Iram
56. The Sweep and the Noble Lady
57. Ali, the Persian
58. The Slave-Girl and the Imam, Abu Yusuf
59. The Thief and the Merchant
60. Jaafar, the Barmecide and the Bean Seller
61. The Barmecide’s dealing with Mansur
62. Yahya, Son of Khalid
63. Caliph Al-Maamun and the Strange Scholar
64. The Lovers of Jubair Bin Umair and Lady Budur
65. Haroon Al-Rashid and the Damsel and Abu Nowas
66. The Man who stole the Plate of Gold Wherein the Dog ate
67. The Sharper of Alexandria and the Chief of Police
68. The Thief and the Shroff
69. The Chief of the Kus Police and the Sharper
70. Ibrahim Bin Al-Mahdi and the Merchant’s Sister
71. The Woman punished for giving Alms to the Poor
72. The Pious Israelite
73. The Abu Hasan Al-Ziyadi and the Khorasan
74. The Poor Man and his Friend in Need
75. Caliph Al-Mutawakkil and his Concubine Mahbubah
76. Adventure with the Lady and the Bear
77. Man of Basrah and his Slave-Girl
78. The Lovers of the Banu Ozrah
79. King Kisra Anushirwan and the village Damsel
80. The Wazir of Al-Yaman and his Young Brother
81. The Love Story of Boy and Girl at School
82. Al-Mutalammis and his wife, Umaymah
83. The Caliph and the Queen Zubaidah
84. Haroon Al-Rashid and the Three Poets
85. Musab Bin Al-Zubair and his wife, Ayishah
86. The Miller and his Wife
87. The Simpleton and the Sharper
88. The Pilgrim Man and the Old Woman
89. Caliph Al-Hakim and the Merchant
90. The Water-carrier and the Goldsmith’s Wife
91. Khusrau and Shirin and the Fisherman
92. Yahya Bin Khalid, the Bermecide and the Poor Man
93. Mohammed Al-Amin and the Slave-Girl
94. The Sons of Yahya Bin Khalid and Saeed Bin Salim Al-Bahili
95. The Woman’s Trick against her Husband
96. The Devout Woman and the Wicked Elders
97. Jaafar, the Barmecide and the Old Badawi
98. Caliph Al-Maamun and the Pyramids of Egypt
99. The Unwise Schoolmaster Who Fell in Love
100. The Foolish Dominie
101. The Illiterate Who Set up for a Schoolmaster
102. The King and his Honest Wife
103. Abd Al-Rahman, the Maghribi of the Rukh
104. Three Unfortunate Lovers
105. Lovers of the Banu Tai
106. The Mad Lover
107. Al-Amin and his Uncle
108. Al-Fath Bin Khakan and Caliph Al-Mutawakkil
109. Abu Suwaid and the Pretty Old Woman
110. The Emir Ali Bin Tahir and the Girl Muunis
111. Two Women and their Lovers
112. The Proud King and the Devout Man
113. The Angel of Death and the Rich King
114. The Angel of Death and the King
115. Iskandar Zulkarnain and a Certain Tribe of Poor Folk
116. Virtue of King Anushirwan
117. Al-Hajjaj and the Pious Man
118. The Prophet and the Justice of Destiny
119. The Ferryman of the Nile and the Hermit
120. The Island King and the Pious Israelite
121. The Confectioner, his Wife and the Parrot
122. The Miser and the Loaves of Bread
123. The Son of a King and the Ogress
124. The King’s Son and the Merchant’s Wife
125. The Stolen Necklace
126. The Sandalwood Merchant and the Sharpers
127. A Stolen Purse
128. The Fox and the Folk
129. Hind, Daughter of Al-Nouman and Al-Hajjaj
130. Wazir of the King
131. The Woman who made her Husband Sift Dust
132. The Fishes and the Crab
133. The Crow and the Serpent
134. The Merchant and the Robbers
135. The Foolish Fisherman
136. The Debauchee and a 3-year old Child
137. The Man and his Wife
138. Haroon Al-Rashid and the Arab-Girl
139. The Crows and the Hawk
140. The Serpent-charmer and his Wife
141. The Mother and Wasted Milk
142. The Magic Drink
143. The Man and his Wife’s Secret Box
144. The Jackals and the Fox
145. The Boy and the Thieves
146. The Blind Man and the Crippled Man
147. Two Kings
148. The Wild Ass and the Jackal
149. The Lost Egg
150. The Unjust King and the Pilgrim Prince
151. The Closing

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