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151 Tataka Tales     ((Large format on Art Paper with  Color  Illustrations)
151 Tataka Tales ((Large format on Art Paper with Color Illustrations)

151 Tataka Tales ((Large format on Art Paper with Color Illustrations)

by A Selection

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Manoj Publications


9788131018866 - Year: 2014 - Pages: 80



A Selection

Author: A Selection
Publisher: Manoj Publications
Year: 2014
Language: English
Pages: 80
ISBN/UPC (if available): 9788131018866


The Jataka Tales are a vast Collection of Buddhist Literature. These tales tell about the previous lives of the Buddha in both human and animal form. These tales are dated between 300 BC and 400 AD. Many of the tales are set in or near Benaras, now called Varanasi, a city in North Central India on river Ganga.

These tales impart moral conduct and good behavior. They advise the reader on how to correct his ways. They play a very important role in the cultivation of peace and prosperity among the masses, for our readers’ convenience we have collected 151 Jataka tales which are sure to leave an ever lasting impression on each an every reader due to their easy language and four-color illustrations.



1. The Varying Seasons
2. The Clever Merchant and the Not Tree
3. The Mosquito and the Foolish Son
4. The Farmer and the Gold
5. The King’s Grey Hair
6. The Lazy Student
7. The Calves and the Pig
8. The Clever Jackal
9. The Crow Couple and the Sea
10. The Drunken Beetle
11. The Wise Crab and the Crane
12. The Snake Charmer and the Monkey
13. The Miser
14. The Priest’s Revenge
15. The Values of Life
16. The Goose with Golden Feathers
17. The Hare’s Sacrifice
18. The Mouse and the Stone-Cutter
19. The Quail’s Revenge
20. The Disciple’s Faith
21. The Pigeon and the Crow
22. The Silly Argument
23. The Sage Who Sacrificed Himself
24. The Lean Cat
25. The Clever Wolf
26. The Selfish Ascetic
27. The Kind Tortoise
28. The Goat and the Priest
29. The Drummers
30. The Kind Ape
31. The Talking Deer
32. The Serpent King and the Saint
33. The Ascetic Who Brought a River
34. The Pigeons and the Fake Hermit
35. The Three Princes and the Fairy
36. The Disobedient Student
37. The Water Spring
38. The Brave Prince
39. The Man with a Golden Heart
40. The King and the Ascetic
41. Generosity Defeats Death
42. Land of Chaos
43. The Disciple’s Wife
44. The Brahmin and the Wise Ascetic
45. The King’s Sacrifice
46. The King and the Disciple
47. The Rogue Sage
48. The Two Gamblers
49. The Clever Turtle
50. The Tempting Nymph
51. The Prince and the Monster
52. The Wise Advice
53. The Foolish Servant
54. The Deer Who Changed the King
55. The Mice Which Ate the Plough
56. Soma’s Heart
57. The Ascetic and the Baby Elephant
58. No Thing
59. The Merchants and the Demons
60. The Prince and the Demon
61. The King Minister
62. Justice is Served
63. The Brahmin Who Lied
64. The Sea-Goddess and the Sack of Gold
65. The Traders and the Demon
66. The Promise
67. The Honest Man
68. As You Sow, So Shall You Reap
69. The Greedy Salesman
70. The Clever Antelope
71. The Minister and the Goat’s Dry Dung
72. The Price of Disobedience
73. The Great Ascetic
74. The Righteous Minister
75. The Clever Prince
76. The Naga King
77. The Fire-God and the Quail
78. The True Friend
79. The King’s Royal Guests
80. The Spell
81. Friends in Need
82. The Just King
83. The King’s Advisors
84. The Monk
85. The Wise Disciple
86. The Greedy Servants
87. Bodhisattva and the Monster
88. The Kind Deed
89. The Brahmin and the Parrot
90. The Frog’s Advice
91. The King Who Changed His Ways
92. The Minister and the King
93. The King’s Dream
94. The Merchant and His Son
95. The Elephants Who Did Not Trample
96. The Ugly Prince
97. The Sweet Figs
98. The Rat, the Parrot, the Snake and the Sage
99. The Naga Serpent
100. God Tests the Ascetics
101. The Bitter Leaf
102. The Test
103. The Fine Leather Straps
104. The Dog and His Debt
105. The Dumb Prince
106. The Tortoise and His Home
107. The Wise Beggar Woman
108. A Mother’s Pain
109. The Afterlife
110. The Ascetic Who Tortured Himself
111. The Tree Spirit
112. The Wild Elephant
113. The Man Who Read Footprints
114. The Snake and the Foolish Disciple
115. The Mischievous Spirit
116. The Royal Horse
117. The Ascetic Who Ate the Lizard’s Flesh
118. A Boy Helps the Ants
119. Never Trust a Chameleon
120. Looks Can be Deceptive
121. The Devoted Naga Wife
122. The Foolish Goat
123. The Fox and the Drum
124. The Umbrella and the Single-Soled Shoes
125. The Gifts
126. The Wild Horses
127. The Barber’s Son
128. The Two Friends
129. Forgiveness
130. True Love
131. The Fox and the Crow
132. The Humble Prince
133. The Lying Jackal
134. The Archer’s Fear
135. The Great Archer
136. The Good Advice
137. Guessing the Name
138. The Price of Greed
139. Being Good
140. The Earth Falling Apart
141. The Clever Monkey
142. The Faithful Parrot
143. Who is the Prettier?
144. The Wise Goose
145. The Noble Elephant
146. The Young Priest
147. The Selfish Man
148. The Servant and the Treasure
149. The Man Who Sold the Dead Mouse
150. The Foolish Trees
151. The Turtle Who Opened His Mouth

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