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A History of Panjabi Literature - Volume ONE

by Sant Singh Sekhon

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Punjabi University


8173800219 - Year: 1993 - Pages: 283



Sant Singh Sekhon

Author: Sant Singh Sekhon
Publisher: Punjabi University
Year: 1993
Language: English
Pages: 283
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8173800219


A History of Panjabi Literature Volume One by Professor Sant Singh Sekhon is a welcome addition to the existing studies in English of Panjabi literature. It carries forward and further and further enriches the tradition, initiated by Dr Mohan Singh Diwana who ha blazed the trail in this domain. Professor Sant Singh Sekhon has brought his ripe and comprehensive vision to bear upon this project. The introductory chapter brings into focus the background of Panjabi Literature and presents a brief survey of its growth and development. The book offers fresh perspectives on the panorama of the Panjabi Literature, chronicled in this volume.

This volume is the beginning of a history of Panjabi Literature in English, in such detail as has not been attempted before. Indeed, it is a step towards the fulfillment of an ambition, and the Panjabi University Publication Bureau has taken it. Detailed history of Panjabi Literature has been attempted before this only by the Department of Languages in Panjabi Language; but this is a more ambitious attempt such as only a University could support. Some people would even be so supercilious enough to think that Panjabi Literature has not profited enough for such an ambitious enterprise.





Sheikh Farid
Sheikh Farid to Guru Nanak
Guru Nanak Dev: Birth, Life and Work
Guru Nanak Dev’s Canon
The Japu
Siddha Goshti
Var Asa
Guru Nanak Dev: Birth and Accession
Guru Arjan Dev: Compilation of the Guru Granth
Guru Arjan Dev: The Sukhmani
Guru Arjan Dev: Baramaha
Bhai Gurudas -1: Birth and Life
Bhai Gurudas-2: Vars 2-40
Bhai Gurudas-3

Bhai Gurudas: Religio-ethical Content
Appendices (Translations)
Appendix I: Sheikh Farid
Appendix II: Guru Nanak Dev: From The Japu
Appendix III: The Var Asa
Appendix IV: Guru Angad Dev
Appendix V: Guru Amar Das
Appendix VI: Guru Ram Das
Appendix VII: Guru Arjan Dev
Appendix VIII: Bhai Gurudas



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