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A New Vision of Women’s Liberation

by Osho

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Full Circle


9788176211604 - Year: 2011 - Pages: 190



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Author: Osho
Publisher: Full Circle
Year: 2011
Language: English
Pages: 190
ISBN/UPC (if available): 9788176211604


It is a strange logic of life, but in a way very simple. In the East, ninety-eight percent of the women have not known what orgasm is. Your question is, 'Why is it they look, so graceful and not frsutrated like the women in the West?" That's why! You have to be in a position of experiencing something and then having it denied to you; only then frustration sets in. If you don't know at all that anything like orgasm exists, then there is no question of frustration. In the West also, before this centtury, the woman was not frustrated, because the situation was the same there.

By Author:

“My own vision is that the coming age will be the age of the woman. Man has tried for ?ve thousand years and has failed. Now a chance has to be given to the woman. Now she should be given the reins of all the powers. She should be given an opportunity to bring her feminine energies to function, to work. Man has utterly failed. In three thousand years, ?ve thousand wars; this is man’s record.

“The feminist movement started trying to imitate men so that women could be equal to men. This is both psychologically and spiritually wrong. A woman has different qualities to develop. She is not just to be a carbon copy of man; she has to be her original self. Therefore, I say, they need equal opportunity to be different and to be their own selves. And the further away woman and man are from each other, the better is the possibility of their becoming complementaries in a harmonious, loving relationship.”



1. If You Don’t Know What You Are Missing...
2. The Fear of Intimacy
3. Man’s Conspiracy
4. Your Male Chauvinist Attitude Hurts
5. Nobody Wants To Be Used
6. Without Freedom, Love Dies
7. Only a Thing Can Be Possessed
8. Love Is Like a Bird on the Wing
9. You Have Lived Many Times
10. Fear and Fascination Exist Together
11. No Birth Control, No Abortion: Global Suicide
12. A Woman Is Hurting In the Deepest Core of Her Being
13. A Slave Cannot Be a Friend
14. Tantra Has Never Been Male Chauvinistic
15. Pregnant With Enlightenment
16. Who wants to be a Man?

Interviews by Lia Paradiso

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