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A Quiet Case of Ethnic Cleansing - The Murder of Bangladesh°s Hindus

by Richard L Benkin

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Akshaya Prakashan


9788188643523 - Year: 2014 - Pages: 354



Richard L Benkin
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Author: Richard L Benkin
Foreword/Introduction: Samir Kalra/Esq
Publisher: Akshaya Prakashan
Year: 2014
Language: English
Pages: 354
ISBN/UPC (if available): 9788188643523


After India's 1947 partition, Hindus were a third of East Pakistan's population; when East Pakistan became Bangladesh in 1971, they were less than a ?fth; 30 years later under a tenth; and today fewer than eight percent. Bangladeshi Hindus face government tolerated murder, rape, abduction, forced conversion, land grabs, and more, including a 2009pogrom behind a Dhaka police station. Yet, the world has remained silent--until now.

A Quiet Case of Ethnic Cleansing: the Murder of Bangladesh's Hindus rips the cover off this atrocity with testimony by Hindus in Bangladesh and India; confrontations with their victimizers; and extensive research documenting a deliberate effort by the “moderate Muslim nation” of Bangladesh to kill, kick out, or convert Hindus; and the complicity of those entities that should be defending them. It is a call to action with practical solutions to end this quiet case of ethnic cleansing.

Dr. Richard Benkin burst onto the human rights scene in 2003 with a one-man campaign that freed a Bangladeshi journalist from imprisonment and torture for ?ghting radical Islam's rise in Bangladesh and urging relations with Israel. Since then, Benkin has forced Bangladesh's RAB to release an abductee unharmed, halted an anti-Israel conference at an official Australian building, and led the ?ght to stop the ethnic cleansing of Hindus in Bangladesh.

A sought after speaker and writer, Benkin has addressed audiences and published articles on four continents. He is the President and co-founder of Force?eld, a human rights NGO dedicated to defending the oppressed without regard to ideologies or political correctness, holds a doctorate from the University of Pennsylvania, has held a number of faculty and business positions, and serves on the Boards of several human rights organizations. He also serves as an expert witness in cases involving South Asian refugees.



New Author’s Preface for Second Printing
Foreword by Samir Kalru
Author's Preface

Chapter 1: Millions killed; Millions at risk; Billions Silent
Chapter 1.1: Getting “It” out of the Way
Chapter 2: The Roots of Ethnic Cleansing: How did it happen‘?
Chapter 3: Implementing Ethnic Cleansing: Islamist Attacks, Government Collusion and
Counting on Appeasement
Chapter 4: Open Borders: Pathway to Jihad and Ethnic Cleansing
Chapter 5: Rightless and Vulnerable: East and West Bengal
Chapter 6: Beyond Belief: Vested Property Act
Chapter 7: The Red-Green Alliance
Chapter 8: Women: Doubly Victimized, Doubly Strong
Chapter 9: Jihad and the Goals of Ethnic Cleansing
Chapter 10: What must be done‘?

Appendices I & II: Government-Tolerated Attacks on Bangladeshi Hindus

Appendix III: Letters Providing Evidence of the Ethnic Cleansing of Hindus in Bangladesh, 2012 & 2013


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