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Aavarana - The Veil

by S L Bhyrappa

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9788129124883 - Year: 2014 - Pages: 389



S L Bhyrappa

Author: S L Bhyrappa
Translator(s)/ Editors(s): Sandeep Balakrishna
Publisher: Rupa
Year: 2014
Language: English
Pages: 389
ISBN/UPC (if available): 9788129124883


Because my questions made Amir uncomfortable, he pronounced talaq just like that on the wife who had abandoned everything for him because his religion gives him that privilege. Where do I now stand, sir? Do you have any solutions for me?

Lakshmi, a rebellious, free-spirited and intelligent film-maker, breaks ties with her staunchly Gandhian father to marry Amir, the man she loves. She even agrees reluctantly to Amir’s request that she convert to Islam, as a formality, and change her name to Razia. However, she is shocked to discover that her husband is not the open-minded, progressive individual he claimed to be. For after marriage, Amir takes his family’s side in trying to force her to follow the more rigorous tenets of their faith. This sets her off on a personal journey into India’s history to uncover the many layers of religion, caste and creed. Her quest leads her to the many parallels in the narratives between the past and the present and she gradually finds that though much has changed in Indian society over the centuries, much remains the same.

The second historical novel by celebrated Kannada author S.L. Bhyrappa, translated for the first time into English by Sandeep Balakrishna, Aavarana: The Veil raises pertinent and searching questions about religion, liberalism and identity, and highlights the importance of unshackling oneself from the bonds of false knowledge.

The act of concealing truth is known as ‘aavarana’, and that of projecting untruth is called ‘vikshepa’, when these occur at the level of an individual, it is known as ‘avidya’ and when they occur at the level of a group of the world, it is known as ‘maya’. These concepts, propounded by the Vedantins, have found agreement even with Buddhist philosophers.

About the Translator:
Sandeep Balakrishna is a writer, columnist, translator and recovering IT professional. He is the author of Tipu Sultan: The Tyrant of Mysore and is currently engaged in researching the history of the Vijaynagar Empire. Sandeep heads India Facts, an online portal that aims to restore balance and factual accuaracy in the media and public discourse.

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