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Al - Jazeera  - The Story of the Network
Al - Jazeera - The Story of the Network

Al - Jazeera - The Story of the Network

by Mohammed El - Nawawy

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Viva Books


813090134X - Year: 2007 - Pages: 240



Mohammed El - Nawawy
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Author: Mohammed El - Nawawy
Adel Iskandar/
Publisher: Viva Books
Year: 2007
Language: English
Pages: 240
ISBN/UPC (if available): 813090134X


Al-Jazeera, the independent, all-Arab television new network based in Qatar, emerged as ambassador to the Arab world in the events following September 11, 2001. Arabic for “the island", Al-Jazzera has “scooped” the western media conglomerates many times. With its exclusive access to Osama Bin Laden and members of the Taliban, its reputation was burnished quickly through its exposure on CNN.

During the 2003 war in Iraq, Al-Jazeera seemed to be everywhere, reporting dramatic stories and images, even as it strived to maintain its independence as an international free press news network. Al-Jazeera sheds light on the background of the network: how it operates, the programs it broadcasts, its effects on Arab viewers, the reactions of the West and Arab states, the implications for the future of news broadcasting in the Middle East, and its struggle for a free press and public opinion in the Arab world.



We Are What We Watch

A Major League Channel in a
Minor League Country

The Battle for the Arab Mind

Big Voice, Tiny Country: Al-Jazeera in Qatar

Boxing Ring: Al-Jazeera’s Talk Shows

Hero or Heretic? Al-Jazeera and
Arab Governments

Al-Jazeera Scoops the world

Al-Jazeera and the West: the Love-Hate
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