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All You Wanted to Know About The Secrets of Magic
All You Wanted to Know About The Secrets of Magic

All You Wanted to Know About The Secrets of Magic

by Sam Dalal

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New Dawn


8120723872 - Year: 2001 - Pages: 184



Sam Dalal

Author: Sam Dalal
Publisher: New Dawn
Year: 2001
Language: English
Pages: 184
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8120723872


This book will teach you how to be a magician. Some of the lessons cover the techniques of performing magic, while others cover magic tricks for you to perform at a magic show - at a party or at any informal gathering.

Wouldn’t you love to have a trick up your sleeve? Pull a rabbit out of a hat? Pluck bank notes out of the air? Change one pigeon into three?

Well here’s your chance.

Revealed to you in this book are the secrets of magic – a variety of techniques that will deceive the mind and eye. So use that sleight of hand and part those curtains to find the secrets – and, abracadabra, it’s magic!


The Real Secrets of Magic
One-Way Handkerchief
Waterproof Fingers
Impossible Balance
Floating Coin
Karate Straw
Intoxicating Images
Heavy Legs
Super Finger
Smoke at your Fingertips
Violet Smoke
Magic Smoke
Slippery Money
Strong Money
A Sense of Time
Ghost Taps
Flying Rubber Band
Unlinking Pins
Solid through Solid
Invisible Tear
I have your Number!
Blankety Blank Trick
Your Stars and You
The Hangman’s Noose
Cutting a Rope in Three
Rope Through the Neck
Spook Knots
Magical Knotting
Magical ‘Un-Knotting’
Spectators Cut the Aces
Ladies First
Matching Count
Fifty-one to One
Forcing a Card?
Set-up Deck
Afghan Bands
The Magician’s Force
Paddle Magic
Certificate of Merit
Goodbye Banner
The Change Bag
Spirit Slates
Square Circle Production
The Ghost Tube

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