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Ancient India -  Spiritualism and Science
Ancient India - Spiritualism and Science

Ancient India - Spiritualism and Science

by Om Prabhat Agrawal

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Suruchi Prakashan


9789384414450 - Year: 2015 - Pages: 106



Om Prabhat Agrawal

Author: Om Prabhat Agrawal
Publisher: Suruchi Prakashan
Year: 2015
Language: English
Pages: 106
ISBN/UPC (if available): 9789384414450



It may seem a little strange mentioning the words `Spiritualism' and 'Science' together but it is not so. Rather, amazingly, India with its glorious tryst with the mystical field of spiritualism, since ages, has never negated the tremendous contribution of science to the mankind. The Rishis, sages and enlightened men of this ancient land were quite aware that just as spiritualism is essential to kindle and awaken the cultural, moral and human values among the people, the role of science in promoting the material advancement in a society or a nation is also significant. That is why, instead of advocating for the relevance of the 'pure science' and 'pure spiritualism' as two distinct disciplines, they always emphasized upon their optimum fusion and synthesis.

It is noteworthy that the philosophy of Ishopnishad that every particle in the universe has the same energy or the exposition of Rigveda that the universe emerged from Hiranyagarbha, are so similar and analogous to the modern-day scientific principles, viz. Albert Einstein's Grand Unification Theory of Energy or the mathematically proven apocalyptical Big Bang theory as propounded by Stephen Hawking. It appears the truths of life which our perceptive thinkers and sages suddenly discovered in their moments of deep meditation, the scientists of the present age toiled for years in laboratories for intense research work to arrive at the same conclusion. It is quite logical to deduce that based on such insightful findings our Rishis and scholars might have put into place the vast instrumentality of the Hindu rituals and symbols of spiritualism.

Science and spiritualism - these are two ways to fathom the deep secrets, mysteries and truths of life, universe, society, divinity and soul. Mutually complementary and compatible as they are, the path of their voyage leads to the same destination — seeking of the ultimate truth. The only difference lies in the methodology. While science mainly relies on its carefully designed apparatus and laboratories to unravel the mysteries of cosmos, the spiritual thinkers pursue deep meditation to realize the purpose of its existence and also the absolute and surrealistic power that drives and controls the whole cosmic order.

Edmond Whittaker and Edward Milne, the British physicists believe that the creation of the universe seems to have taken place from a scratch (zero level) by a superpower, the Creator. Albert Einstein, the great scientist had categorically stated that science is a religion based on certain well established principles. The presumption that the universe or the matter came into being on its own is contrary to the principles of science.

How can such a super system, so perfect and orderly, can come into being on its own? In fact, it conclusively points towards the existence of a super power which operates and controls the entire universe. What is that ultimate force which controls this entire creation? It is beyond the powers of science to answer this question. It can only be addressed by the perceptive thinkers and sages having resolute faith in the omnipotent and supreme authority of the God. Even Einstein himself admitted that the greatest motivational force behind all the scientific discoveries is spiritual inspiration and divine experiences.




1. The Philosophy of Science
2. Environment and Hindu Consciousness
3. Indian Culture — Basic Features & Manifestation
4. Science in Lord Shiva's Cosmic Dance — Shiv Tandava
5. Scientific Relevance of Hindutva
6. Chemistry in Ancient India
7. Ayurveda and Modem Science
8. Shri Rama and Environment
9. Scientific Verification of 'Halo'
10. Dharma Vs Science

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