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Bazaar Drugs

by Swami Sivananda

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Divine Life Society


8170520541 - Year: 2014 - Pages: 135



Swami Sivananda

Author: Swami Sivananda
Publisher: Divine Life Society
Year: 2014
Language: English
Pages: 135
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8170520541


Patent drugs were heavily guarded by trade secrets; and the “Grandmother’s remedies” were denied the wings of publicity. The Common Man, the Poor Man, had access to neither. Therefore, he had to pay a heavy penalty in the form of money (if he purchased the costly patent drugs) or of his own life, often, if he could not afford the expenditure.

From the very early days of his service to humanity, as a doctor, Sri Swami Sivananda (then Dr. Kuppuswami) had a burning passion to make available to all, the trade secrets of the few. Never has he neglected to take the human body into account; and his books on health and healing are as popular as his works on Yoga and Vedanta.

The present one bringing, as it does, health and healing to the very kitchen of every man, would, we are certain, be welcomed by all.

Nothing can equal the ‘Bazaar Drugs’ in helping the layman to become his own doctor. The recipes given herein are very cheap preparations from the pecuniary view-point; but they are the most efficacious ones from the health-point. What one hopes to get by spending very many rupees from the bottled goods available with Chemists and Druggists, one can easily get more than that by mixing A Few articles commonly used in the kitchen and that too within a short time.

This book, a portion of which originally appeared in the journal ‘Health and Long Life’ published by the Divine Life Society, supplies a handy list of over two hundred very useful, practical, potent prescriptions made out of the articles which are commonly used in the kitchen. They are very good prescriptions for any illness—from a slight headache to severe typhoid.

The digestive powders and drinks can be used by all daily. Other recipes can be kept ready in stock for emergency use. Long keeping of these preparations will not spoil them. The appendix to the Book will give you a list of more commonly used articles in this book. You can maintain a home ready box containing those precious ones. Even if you don’t keep them, they are readily available with your provision stores. A few rupees will give you the best cure if intelligently spent in these recipes.

In places where there are no dispensaries, "Bazaar Drugs" will come to your help, and guide you like an able Family Physician.



Publishers Note
Mantra for Good Digestion
Vedantic Formula for Health
Home Remedies Chest

Chapter. I. Divine Healing
Chapter. II. Digestive Powders and Drinks
Chapter. III. Health-Giving Drinks and Tonics
Chapter. IV. Choornas and Confections
Chapter. V. Pills
Chapter. VI. General Prescriptions-I
Chapter. VII. General Prescriptions-II
Chapter. VIII. Prescriptions for External Use
Chapter. IX. A Sadhu's Recipes

Chapter. X. Golden Rules for Health:
1. Nature's Healing Power
2. Observe Health Laws
3. Practise Dietetic Rules
4. Nature, the Best Guide
5. Vitamins
6. Fruits and Vegetables
7. Oils
8. Drinks
9. Tonic for Children
10. Diet in Disease
11. Foods to be Avoided
12. Prevention Is Better Than Cure
13. Care of the Eyes
14. Care of the Kitchen
15. Remedial Measures
16. Constipation
17. Cholera
18. Malaria
19. Typhoid
20. To Pregnant Women
21. Treatment of Diseases

List Of Appendix
A. Diseases and Treatment at a Glance
B. Index to Therapeutic Action of Bazaar Drugs
C. Weights and Measures
D. Names of Bazaar Medicines

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