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Beauties of Ramayana

by Swami Sivananda

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Divine Life Society


8170520274 - Year: 1996 - Pages: 216



Swami Sivananda

Author: Swami Sivananda
Publisher: Divine Life Society
Year: 1996
Language: English
Pages: 216
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8170520274


The Ramayana of Valmiki is a didactic poem which has the avowed purpose of glorifying Dharma and inculcating the truths which open up for man the way to supreme perfection. It is one of the two great epics of India. It represents the true Hindu spirit of unconditional adherence to the law of righteousness and the performance of one’s prescribed duty.

To assert the greatness of a life of activity based on the righteousness underlying the law of the Divine Being is one of the main aims of the Ramayana. The life of the ‘ideal man’ described in the Ramayana is an incentive to all men to strive to become embodiments of Dharma. Dharma is the soul of life and a life bereft of Dharma is not worth its name.

Sri Rama, the incarnation of God, represents in himself the ideal son, the ideal brother, the ideal husband, the ideal king and the emblem of Divinity on earth. Man is expected to root his virtue in the Divine. Virtue is necessarily grounded in a consciousness of the principle of Divinity; else, it would become a mechanical routine of external acts. The Ramayana sounds the eternal spirit of Bharatavarsha, the spirit of heroically facing the realities of existence, without fighting shy of them, and at the same time blending action with devotion and loyalty to law. Law is eternal, for it is the expression of the system of the universe governed by God. To follow this law is the duty of man. The Ramayana teaches man, by way of examples, how he can fulfil the demands of law.

The beauty of the Ramayana is really beyond human description, for it is a revelation to a Rishi—not merely an intellectual production of a scholar—whose meaning is ‘integral’, and no one-sided consideration of it can do full justice to it. The entire extent of the life of an Arya is delineated in the Ramayana. Social life and spiritual life are wonderfully harmonised in it. Love and heroism, Ahimsa and Kshatriyadharma are brought together in it. Bhakti and Yoga, Karma and Jnana are fused into one. Sri Rama is the crowning feature of the Ramayana, whose very name is exalted to the status of a supreme purifier of the mind of man. Rama-Nama is a panacea for all diseases, and is as invincible and irresistible as the Rama-Bana.

Srimad Ramayana is the very soul of India. The highest ideals of every Indian are enshrined and portrayed in this Holy Scripture. It is a complete guide to God-realization, the path to which lies in righteousness.

Sri Swami Sivanandaji Maharaj has, in this invaluable work, given the essence of Srimad Ramayana in a beautiful way. In his characteristic style, he has given the story and the morals in a simple, direct and lucid style.

The lessons of Srimad Ramayana should be engraved on the tablet of everyone’s heart. This is the urgent need of the hour. The evils of Kaliyuga need not make you despair. Where there is Ram, where there is Ram Nam, where there is Ramayana, the evils of Kali dare not enter. Build this spiritual fortress in your own heart; you will live in Rama Rajya. You will enjoy illimitable peace and bliss.

Ramayana must be studied today, more than ever, by everyone. The ideals of man are beautifully portrayed in it. Everyone should emulate those ideals and grow into ideal citizens.

May His Message spread! May God bless you all! May all people walk the path of Dharma! May Lord Rama be enshrined in the hearts of every man, woman and child in this holy land and the world at large!



Publishers' Note
Samkshipta Ramayana
Eka Sloki Ramayana
The Philosophy of the Ramayana
Features of the Ramayana
Power of ‘Ram Nam’

The Ring Episode

Birth of Rama
Rama’s Marriage
Fight With Parasurama

The Proposed Yuvaraja
Proposal for Banishment of Rama
Starting to the Forest
Rama Leaves Ayodhya
The Charioteer Sent Back
At Bharadvajashram
Death of Dasaratha
Bharata’s Return to Ayodhya
In Search of Rama
The Meeting of the Brothers
Bharata as Regent
Rama’s March

Killing of Viradha
Sage Sarabhanga
The Ashram of Agastya
The Panchavati
Surpanakha Disfigured
Khara and Dushana Killed
The Illusive Deer
Abduction of Sita

Pampa Lake
Tale of Sugriva
Power of Vali
Sugriva’s Challenge
Vali Was Killed
Vali Accuses Rama
Rama’s Reply
Last Words of Vali
Tara’s Lamentation
Sugriva’s Repentance
Coronation of Sugriva
Advent of Autumn
Lakshmana Pacified
Sugriva’s Directions
Angada’s Despair
Nishakara’s Foretelling
Angada Tests the Strength

Hanuman’s Leap
City of Lanka
Ravana’s Palace
Asoka Forest
Ravana Visits Asokavana
Sita’s Reply
Ravana’s Reply
Rakshasis Try to Persuade Sita
Trijata’s Dream
Sita Laments
Hanuman’s Message
The Ring
Sita’s Message
Hanuman Destroys Asokavana
Fight with Jumbumali
Hanuman Kills Akshaya
Hanuman Before Ravana
Ravana’s Reply
Burning of Lanka
Hanuman Leaves Lanka
Hanuman Describes His Exploits
Return to Kishkindha
Message of Hanuman

The March
Ravana’s Anxiety
Vibhishana Goes to Rama
Rama Meets Vibhishana
Suka’s Message
Story of the Sea
Nala Builds the Bridge
Suka and Sarana
The Illusion
Ravana’s Wrath
Rama’s Instructions
The Great Fight
Lamentation of Sita
Lamentation of Rama
Dhumrakha’s Fight
Prahasta’s Fight
Ravana’s Fight
Kumbhakarna Roused from Sleep
Kumbhakama’s Fight
Atikaya’s Fight
Indrajit’s Fight
Kumbha’s Fight
Indrajit Fights Again
Ravana’s Fight
Lamentation of Vibhishana
Mandodari Laments
Vibhishana’s Coronation
Hanuman Meets Sita
Sita Meets Rama
Rama Accuses Sita
The Fire Ordeal
Devas Praise Rama
Rama Starts for Ayodhya
The Reception of Rama
Rama’s Coronation

Agastya and Rama
Birth of Ravana
Feats of Ravana
Victory of Ravana
Ravana’s Defeat
Ravana and Rambha
Rama and Sita
The Accusation
Sita’s Exile
Sita’s Speech
Valmiki Gives Sita Protection
Bhrigu’s Curse
Birth of Vali and Sugriva
Ravana and Sanatkumara
The death of a Brahmin Lad
Birth of Kusa and Lava
The Asvamedha Sacrifice
The Purification
Visit of Kaala
Departure of Rama

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