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Before Memory Fades - An Autobiography
Before Memory Fades - An Autobiography

Before Memory Fades - An Autobiography

by Fali S Nariman

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9789381431450 - Year: 2015 - Pages: 459



Fali S Nariman
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Author: Fali S Nariman
Publisher: Penguin
Year: 2015
Language: English
Pages: 459
ISBN/UPC (if available): 9789381431450


A revelatory, comprehensive and perceptive autobiography – candid, compelling and authoritative

Over the decades, Fali S. Nariman has attained the status of a preeminent advocate whose views are not only heard by those in the corridors of power – both judicial and political – but also respected. This volume presents his life journey right from his childhood in Rangoon to the present. Starting with his formative years, when he had the good fortune to interact with many eminent judges and advocates, the author moves on to deal with a wide variety of important subjects, such as:

The sanctity of the Indian Constitution and attempts to tamper with it.

Crucial cases that have made a decisive impact on the nation, especially on the interpretation of the law.

The relationship between the political class and the judiciary, and how political power can be asserted in the guise of judicial interpretation.

The cancer of corruption and how to combat this menace.

The author also outlines measures to restore the now-low credibility of the legal profession. He delineates his role in several high-profile cases and describes the highlights of his tenure in the Rajya Sabha. This book is a must for both members of the legal profession and the lay reader who will find the contents informative, educative and thought-provoking.


Whoever has heard Fali S. Nariman…. Never ceased to be impressed by his eloquence, command of the language, and a flair for the apt phrase. All these attributes are at their height in his autobiography Before Memory Fades that is lucid, concise, witty and absorbing; . . . Not just a good read, it is also a delightful one. For those who have anything to do with law-its formulation, enforcement or practice—it should be compulsory reading.
== India Today

Billed as “An Autobiography”, Nariman’s book is less a continuous narrative than a collection of reminiscences, anecdotes and reflections on the events and people that have filled his very full life-recounted with that ineffable charm, gentle persuasiveness and quiet humor that so characterize the man…There is much else—on the Emergency and its judges, on fellow-lawyers and court anecdotes, a brilliant chapter on river water disputes and engaging reflections on his tenure as a nominated member of the Rajya Sabha. I commend this easy and profitable read.
== Outlook

Over the decades Fali S. Nariman has attained the status of a pre-eminent advocate whose views are not only heard but also respected. This autobiography is informative, educative and thought-provoking. … It isn't the content alone that makes this book an endearing read. This autobiography is suffused with a rare warmth and modesty, a spirit of liberalism reflected in the willingness to seriously address rival points of view, and a scholarship that is worn very lightly. … All in all, a compassionate work written by someone who comes across as a compassionate man.
== The Hindu

Fali Nariman’s autobiography…is a joy to read. No doubt the author starts at the beginning but it's not his life story he relates to much as an honest account of the important events that stood out in his life. …It is exceptional for two other reasons. …First, it deftly avoids the pitfalls most memoirs inevitably hurtle towards and, second, it discovers the real secret of a delightful read. … He’s not just the raconteur but the man in the middle too. An autobiography that makes you think. The author makes you engage with the book rather than simply read it.
== Hindustan Times

The book is brilliantly planned and beautifully designed. The 18 chapters, laced with quotations, anecdotes and series of vignettes …provide a glimpse of his jurisprudential wisdom. … It is a must not only for judges, advocates, students of law and political science, but also for editors, people's representatives, administrators, academics and all those who believe in the sanctity of constitutional values, the majesty of law and, above all, independence of the judiciary.
== The Tribune

What makes his autobiography very readable is the all- pervading sense of modesty and touches of humor.
== Khushwant Singh

Fali S. Nariman, the legal luminary, lifts the dark veil from the facts long shielded from public view in his autobiography Before Memory Fades. Nariman serves us shining examples of the exceptions, both of the bench and the bar.
== Business Standard



1. The Great Trek
2. More Watching than Pleading
3. Judges during and before My Time
4. Lawyers and the Legal Profession
5. Lessons in the ‘School of Hard Knocks’
6. Turning Points in My Life – And in the Life of the Nation
7. Move to Delhi
8. The Internal Emergency
9. Some Reflections – Post-Emergency
10. The Bhopal Case
11. The Good and the Great
12. An Interlude
13. Can They Not Perform Better Than They Do?
14. About Some Judges of the Supreme Court
15. Judicial Governance and Judicial Activism
16. A Case I Won – But Which I Would Prefer to Have Lost
17. In Parliament – And Out of It
18. The Finishing Canter …


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