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Beloved Witch Returns - An Autobiography
Beloved Witch Returns - An Autobiography

Beloved Witch Returns - An Autobiography

by Ipsita Roy Chakraverti

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LifePositive Books


9789384238070 - Year: 2015 - Pages: 263



Ipsita Roy Chakraverti
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Author: Ipsita Roy Chakraverti
Publisher: LifePositive Books
Year: 2015
Language: English
Pages: 263
ISBN/UPC (if available): 9789384238070



"People wanted to know more about this ancient path. Women seemed to have found a new strength and anchor in the Beloved Witch. - The Raja Ram Mohan Library ordered a hundred copies of the book. But human nature is envious. Within a few months, the committee of the Brahmo Sammilan Samaj sent me a letter excommunicating me. According to them, I had chosen to be a Wiccan. Thus I no longer had the right to step through those hallowed Brahmo portals. I smiled. I wondered if they would next summon me for an inquisition."

"In the meantime, the Wiccan Brigade had set the sensationalists talking, not just all over town, but all over the country. They wished to allege that it was some sort of dark cult but the Wiccan Brigade's supporters were spreading too, like the foam of ocean waves sweeping the sands. We attracted talented people, thinking people, and also those who found in the Wiccan Brigade an anchor for a return to values. For that was my aim — a search for forgotten knowledge and along with that, a return to basic human values through the development of physical, mental and spiritual discipline. I never believed in the rigid or the ritualistic. My way is merely an acknowledgement of our alignment with higher powers. Wicca has always called on the Goddess Power. The Wiccan Brigade was becoming a force to reckon with."

"I personally, have always believed that revenge comes on its own wings to the doer of the malefic. Let the situation rest. Do not exert yourself. The Dark Ally will punish him or her who does you ill. However, from the letters and calls I receive, it would seem that innumerable people believe that redress should be in their own hands, no matter what the consequences. Faith in the more orthodox modes of justice is fading. Also, people are impatient."

“Because I dare to speak, I am hated. But nobody can lift a finger to stop me, for I am wild and care not for consequences and what I say is heard in this country.”

In this startling account of an unusual life, India’s legendary Wiccan, Ipsita Roy Chakraverti, reveals the story of her journey on the Wiccan path and the many personalities she has encountered along the way. Ipsita recounts memories from her own initiation in the Canadian Laurentian mountains, to when she set up India’s first Wiccan academy.

With her trademark honesty and searing wit, Ipsita reveals the true face behind many a mask – from Bollywood scions to Delhi’s political who’s who. This is a book many will love, and many more will fear. Read at your own risk. It is breathtaking.

Praise for the bestselling book Beloved Witch: An Autobiography

'… The book is an ode from her to herself. But it does leave you bewitched.'
== India Today

'Chakraverti's absorbing autobiography is a valuable and historic document of one woman's journey with Wicca.'
== The Hindu

'It's an enjoyable, fairly engrossing read. The author is gifted with a simple, clear style and she clearly has a feel for the different energies that flow around us …'
== Outlook

'The recurring theme is the great injustice done to independent, spirited women over the centuries who were branded as witches by hostile, insecure men.'
== Indian Express

'Chakraverti's absorbing autobiography is a valuable and historic document of one woman's journey with Wicca. A story as fascinating as any novel, written with perfect poise and balane.'
== Indian Review of Books

'Beloved Witch is made of sterner stuff … her claim to being "intelligent" is justified.'
== Business Standard

'Written in a simple but hard-hitting style, the book is a statement to one of the guiding principles of her life — that every strong woman can be a witch.'
== The Telegraph

'Beloved Witch is a remarkable account of an extraordinary life told with honesty and lack of pretension.'
== The Book Review



The Beginning Again
The Mysterious Energy
God's Justice and Mine
Secrets In Stone

From My Book of Shadows
The Legend of the Crystal Skulls
I Choose My Life
Mystical Ways
Delhi's Ambitions and Haunted Bungalows

From My Book of Shadows
The Glow of Amber
Wicca Plays With Power
Past Prime Ministers, Potatoes, and Mummy

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The Secrets in Stones and Clay
The Man Who Knew Too Much
Life, Love and Ambika
Some Enchanted Times

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Prayers and Vibrations
Bollywood Tales and Jinxes
The President Fights for a Wiccan
Witches, Wizards and Magic Capes

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A Movement Comes Forward
Faces Across the Table
Higher Frequencies

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Folklore or More?
The Unexplained

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Learning to Fly
The Power and Pain at Bhangarh
Sleaze, Slime versus the Indian Woman

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Wiccan Portals
A Mysteridus Cave
The Eternal Quest
And Then?
The Final Page

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