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Bulleh Shah
Bulleh Shah

Bulleh Shah

by J R Puri

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Radha Soami Satsang Beas


9788182569041 - Year: 2010 - Pages: 534



J R Puri
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Author: J R Puri
T R Shangari/
Publisher: Radha Soami Satsang Beas
Year: 2010
Language: English
Pages: 534
ISBN/UPC (if available): 9788182569041



Bulleh shah is the tenth book in our Mystics of the East series and, for this edition, several new poems have been added, a glossary and subject index have been added, and minor revisions have been made.

The objective of the series is to highlight the fact that all true saints—no matter to which period, country or race they belong—share the same teachings. There is no difference between them in essence; they all proclaim that God is one, and the Truth is one and the same. Their method of presentation may be different, depending on the culture of the people of their country, but the Truth they point to never changes.

Many books have been written on Bulleh Shah, but few have tried to explain the real meaning of his writings, most of which are couched in esoteric language. The authors of our publication have had the benefit of years of association with a living teacher of mysticism of the highest order. This has informed their concern to bring out the hidden mystical meaning of Bulleh Shah's poetry, which is full of love, devotion, longing and humility.

We are pleased to provide an update of this valuable title to our readers.

Bulleh shah has aroused keen interest in his readers for his sublime poetry. His poems, surcharged with divine love, have held them in a spell for nearly 250 years. Bulleh Shah's poetry is suffused with love of God and love for his Master, and has an intoxicating effect on the reader. No less dominant in his poetry is the refrain of strong denunciation of barren rituals and external observances of religion. He is equally critical of the sham pedantry of empty scholarship. Thus, he could well be designated as a love-intoxicated iconoclast.

It has been our Endeavour, through an in-depth and analytical study of Bulleh Shah's poetry, to bring to surface a vast treasure of mystic wealth that lay buried in it. Until now his poetry has been studied and admired by various writers mainly for its literary excellence. Anwar Ali Rohtaki was perhaps the first scholar who brought to light some of its mystic aspects.

Scholars have generally viewed poetic utterances of saints and mystics from an historical standpoint. They trace these utterances to certain external sources, such as the Vedant, Sufism and the Bhakti movement. It does not strike them that the remarkable resemblance in the works of mystics could well accrue from the similarity—and indeed the identity—of their experiences. Mystics do not borrow their ideas from others. They have a direct perception of Reality, which becomes the fountainhead of their teachings. Since Reality is one, its perception by mystics is bound to be the same. And the teachings that flow from this perception are necessarily similar.

The study of Bulleh Shah was beset with various problems. The main problem was the absence of a standard and uni-versally accepted text. These variations in the text have often been perplexing. At places, apparently minor variations lead to vastly different interpretations. All the same, every effort has been made to present a consistent account, so that the basic framework of his philosophy is not affected. Almost all available texts were consulted, but we have mainly relied on the texts prepared by Dr Faqir Mohammad, Maulana Anwar Ali Rohtaki, Dr Nazir Ahmad and Mr Abdul Majid Bhatti.

Although the study of the aesthetic and literary aspects of Bulleh Shah's poetry was not a part of the project, a short chapter on his poetic style has been included in the book for the benefit of readers. For its natural, forceful flow, forthright expression, novelty of metaphor and an exquisite choice of words, Bulleh Shah's poetry is unrivalled.



Authors' Note


The law of karma
Love of god
The lord is all-pervading
Search for god
He is within
The body as the temple of god
Human body is Mecca and ka'ba
The veil
The tenth door
The eye that sees the lord
Spiritual practice
Concentration and contemplation
The royal vein
The state of trance
Dying while living
Light and sound
Annihilation and permanence
Kalma or the word
Two kinds of kalma
Kalma or unstruck melody
Hinduism and the word
Ancient Greek religion and the word
The Jewish religion and the word
Christianity and the word
Zoroastrianism and the word
Taoism and the word
Islam, Sufism and the word
Saints and the word
The master
Need of a guide
The perfect master
Love of the master and spiritual love
The living master
Learning and spirituality
The pedant and the mystic
Spiritual and book knowledge
Pedantry, discrimination and action
Ritualism and spirituality

A subtle difference
A warning
The all-pervading beloved!
Arise! Awake!
The assemblage
At the well of life
Auspicious day
Behind the screen
Behind the veil
Beloved as man
Beloved as yogi
The beloved departs
Bid me farewell!
Call me your own
Caught in a net
Celestial melody
Come, beloved!
Come, dear friend
Come, friend!
Come, o physician!
Consumed by love
Creator and creation
The crucial point
Deep color!
Deficient at studies
The delicate secret
The divine ranjha
Dogs are better than you!
Don't hide behind the veil!
Dust mingles with dust
Ecstasy of love
The essence of love
Ever-fresh spring of love
Face of the beloved
Fall not in love
False knowledge
False repentance
The fleeting four days!
For the sake of my beloved
Friends, congratulate me
"Goodness" of our forefathers
The great trickster
Guiles of the beloved
Guru is all-powerful
He deserted me
Hide my flaws
Hide no more
Hint from the beloved!
His omnipresence
I am free
I am lost to myself
I cannot live without you
I talk of the beyond
In a new attire
In love
In love divine
The intoxicated one
The jewel merchants
The joy of death
Lift your veil!
Longing for the master
The lord in disguise
Lost in love
Lost to myself
Love and law
Love charms
Love consummated
Love for the master's human form
The lover
Lowest of the low
Melody of the flute
Merging in the beloved
Merging in ranjha
The message bearer
My beloved friend
My fasts, my pilgrimages!
My mad love for the beloved
My magnificent bridegroom
My spinning wheel out of order
Mystery of Aif
Neither Hindu nor Muslim
The night of union
No reliance on you
Of earth
On union with the lord
Only ranjha
Pain of love
The pain of my mad love
Pangs of love
Pass your time in silence!
Perfect love
Perverse times
Plea for piety
Pray merge me with you
Radiance of love
Ranjha is my ka'ba
Ranjha is my Mecca
Revel with the lord
The reverse direction
The safflower blossoms
Seeking a cure
Shah inayat

The spell of love
Spin and roam not aimlessly
The spinning wheel
Stay, o love!
The story of creation
Swings of love
Thief in the fold of my cloak
To admonish bullah
The torment of separation
Transient life
True love has beguiled me
Truth cannot be withheld
Truth submerged
Turn to me
Unity in diversity
The wages of love
Wake up, dear traveler
Walk into my courtyard
The way of love
Weary of spinning
What do I know of someone?
Whims of love whither your destination?
Who am I? Who can now recognize me?
Why the veil?
Why torment me?
Without limitation
Woes of separation
The wondrous sadhu
The works of love!
The world as a fair
Wounds of love
You alone exist

The twelve months

The week
Unique is the joy of Friday

The knots

Couplets and excerpts

The fire of love

Appendix: literary style
Index of Punjabi first lines
Addresses for information and books
Books on this science

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