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Comparative Literary Theory  -  An Overview
Comparative Literary Theory - An Overview

Comparative Literary Theory - An Overview

by Kapil Kapoor

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D K Printworld


9788124607206 - Year: 2014 - Pages: 222



Kapil Kapoor
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Author: Kapil Kapoor
Publisher: D K Printworld
Year: 2014
Language: English
Pages: 222
ISBN/UPC (if available): 9788124607206


Two cultures of the world — Greek and Indian — have nourished literature. While the contemporary Western thinking is rooted in Greek thought, especially of Socrates, Plato and Aristotle, and percolated down to the modern European languages with the advent of Christian thought, the multilingual Indian literary tradition has its base from the classical Tamil, Pali, Prakrt and Sanskrit.Though cultural specificity marks these two traditions off from each other, the universal human condition that finds expression in all literatures binds them together. This book delves deep into the growth of poetics, theory of literature, literary artefacts, aesthetics of literature as an art form, and dramaturgy and philosophy of literature.Cultures have given forms as their typical expressions — for India great epics, for Greece tragedies, and for England lyrics. Similarly, different ages of a culture find expression in different forms — Elizabethan age of England in lyrics, sixteenth-seventeenth centuries in drama, eighteenth century in prose, and nineteenth century in novel. India’s genius is in epics and its expression unfolds in sravya-preksa compositions, being singable poetry as its preferred form.This book must serve pretty useful for students and teachers of literature. Also, an invaluable collection for researchers in literature.


ContentsPreface 1. Growth of Poetics as a DisciplineRise and Formation of the Discipline of Poetics in the WestRise and Formation of the Discipline of Poetics in IndiaRasa – Alamkara – Riti – Dhvani – Vakrokti – Guna/dosa – Aucitya 2. Theory of Literature Definition Nature Goal Role in Society As Mimetic Art Theory of Images Verbal Image — Meaning in Literature As a Knowledge Discourse Creativity and Creative Process3. Categories of Literary Artefacts Forms/Genres of Literature, (Kavya–natya Bheda)Author/Kavi/Types of Poets Reader/Auditor Language of Literature Literary Meaning and Sources, and Types of Literary Meaning Literary Conventions and Referentiality Verisimilitude and Literary Meaning Text vs. Composition 4. Aesthetics of Literature and Reception Aesthetics and Values Reception 5. Philosophy of Literature 6. Characteristic Cultural Expressions, Sublime and SrngaraCharacteristic Cultural Expressions and Ages: Epic or Drama or Lyric or Prose Sublime and Classic 7. Theorizing Theory Bibliography Index

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