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Concepts and Analysis in Astrology Charts
Concepts and Analysis in Astrology Charts

Concepts and Analysis in Astrology Charts

by V P Shukla

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CBH Publications


9789383811304 - Year: 2016 - Pages: 258



V P Shukla
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Author: V P Shukla
Publisher: CBH Publications
Year: 2016
Language: English
Pages: 258
ISBN/UPC (if available): 9789383811304


The individual characteristics of the zodiacal houses have its own importance in assessing the behavior of the native as projected by the Astrological charts. The chapters in the book portray the different facets as depicted by these houses. Based on the Divisional charts, each house presents a different character of the person.

The chapters like Hora and trimsamsa on rectitude, Drekkana swaroopa, Adhana charts, Aberrations in female character, Spiritual aspectsas depicted by drekkana and nakshatras, Kendradhipatya dosha, Different aspects of Procreativity, Paradox of the sixth house, Feminine psyche in vedic astrology, Floundering dhana yogas, Characteristics of mental retardation, Rahu in lagna, Apoklimas and old age travails, Time of conception, are all centering around the theme of divisional aspects of zodiacal charts.

The chapter on spiritual attainments based on Nakshatra and Drekkana is an excellent analysis of our saints and why they were able to attain near Godly status. Each concept in the chapters has been analyzed with individual charts and tables and a definite conclusion has been arrived at to pinpoint the discussion. Replete with individual tables for analysis and altogether with more than 40 tables, and several real life horoscope illustrations, this book is an excellent material for the learner as well as for the practicing astrologer.



1. Kendradhipati dosha
2. Quantitative analysis of Procreativity
3. Hora and trimsamsa on rectitude
4. The Paradox of the Sixth House
5. Feminine Psyche in Vedic Astrology
6. Floundering Dhana Yogas
7. Prenatal Epoch and Conception
8. Astrological factors for Police Career
9. Rahu in Lagna
10. Role of Nakshatras in Spiritual Attainments
11. Apoklimas and old age travails
12. Time of conception
13. Drekkana clues in spiritual charts
14.Abberation in female charts

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