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Couplets From Kabir - Kabir Dohe (HINDI+ENGLISH)
Couplets From Kabir - Kabir Dohe (HINDI+ENGLISH)

Couplets From Kabir - Kabir Dohe (HINDI+ENGLISH)

by G N Das

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New Age Books


9788120815254 - Year: 2011 - Pages: 133



G N Das
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Author: G N Das
Translator: G N Das
Publisher: New Age Books
Year: 2011
Language: multilingual
Pages: 133
ISBN/UPC (if available): 9788120815254


This volume is a translation into English verse of three hundred couplets of Kabir. These couplets along with an introduction by J M Mohanty provide an understanding of Kabir's message to humanity. The translation reflects the mood of the original.

The fifteenth century saint-poet Kabir’s extempore outpourings of songs and couplets numbering thousands have been hailed widely for their deep spiritual fervor and poetic quality. They are widely read with rapture and regard by old and young alike in India.

Some of his poems were translated into English by Tagore in 1915 and later by a couple of others. These have been popular among the English-speaking people at home and abroad.
Kabir’s couplets which are considered as rich gems for their spiritual message and worldly wisdom have not been rendered into English so far.

Here is rhymed English verse translation of three hundred of them from a wide cross-section of the multifaceted genius’ utterances. Under each verse have been given a few lines in prose to help the reader grasp the underlying import of the message of the saint-poet.


Kabir is both a mystic and a great poet. Many in Hindi and elsewhere look up to him as a courageous social activist and the great saint of the Nirguna stream. The Dohas have been well known for their message and insight, their directness and telling effect. There is no doubt reverence and deep respect for the poet in evidence.’
-Focus Malayalam Writing Today

Nanak and the Sufis were instrumental in attempting a reconciliation of apparent opposites, by laying stress on the oneness of god. All these ideas were couched in the simple and sweet language of the people, spiked with examples from everyday life. Shri Das hoped that his book would revive Kabir’s crusade for a simple life devoted to the realization of god.
- The Indian Magazine

I am happy to record my appreciation to the translation of Sant Kabir’s dohas made by Shri Gananath Das in the simple and expressive way in which Kabair himself wrote his dohas.

Kabir through his message for the welfare of humanity has become an international poet and the translation made by Shri Das will be read and appreciated by readers in the West unfamiliar with Devanagari in which the dohas are available.
-Dr. Ram Kumar Verma

The volume under review is a translation into English verse of three hundred couplets of Kabir. The Couplets selected (and arranged according to subjects) along with the introduction give enough material for understanding Kabir’s message to humanity. The translation reflects the mood of the original.

The Mountain Path- Jayanthi Issue,




On Gurudeva or the Preceptor

On Istadeva or the Supreme Lord

On Prema Bhakti or Love-devotion to the Lord

On Atma Samarpana or self Surrender to the Lord

On Acarana or Maintenance of conduct and character

On Mind and Its Control

On Maya or Illusion

On Cetabani or warning

On Vyanga or sarcastic Utterances

On Mrtyu or Death

On Biraha or Yearning for the Lord

On Kama or Lust, sex, Women

On Satsanga or Association with the Noble and Righteous

On Paropkara or Assistance and Charity to Others

On Upadesa or Advice

On Darsana or Philosophical and spiritual topics

On Jivatma, Paramatma and Moksa or soul,
Supreme Soul and Salvation

On Garva or Pride

On Boli or words of Mouth

On Moha or Bonds of earth (Attachment)




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