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Dayananda - His Life and Work

by Suraj Bhan

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DAV Publication Division


9788189492007 - Year: 2006 - Pages: 128



Suraj Bhan

Author: Suraj Bhan
Publisher: DAV Publication Division
Year: 2006
Language: English
Pages: 128
ISBN/UPC (if available): 9788189492007


There are not many biographies of the great Rishi written English and hence no apology is needed for bringing out this book. Without in any way minimizing the laudable efforts made by biographers like Bawa Chhajju Singh, Sadhu Vaswani, Pandit Champati, Har Bilas Sarda and Dr. B.M. Sharma, we have always felt the need of a book on Dayanand which should not be frightening on account of its bulk, and should at the same time give the reader a general idea of the great reformer’s life and his service to the Mother-land.

This book is a humble effort in that direction. I think that besides being a suitable biography for the general reader, it could very well be placed in the hands of the student community. The inspirational value of the work, particularly for the latter class, should be great.



1. The Fateful Night of Shivaratri
2. The Inner Questioning
3. The Young Renunciant
4. In Quest of Soul’s Homeland
5. The Blind Monk of Mathura
6. A Meeting of Two Kindred Souls
7. Into the Arena
8. Price for Truthfulness
9. ‘Rebel’ On Warpath
10. Storming the Citadel
11. Rebel of Redeemer?
12. Back to Saurashtra at Last
13. In the Land of Five Rivers
14. In the Land of Martyrs
15. End of God,s Good ‘Lila’
16. ‘They Will Be Done!’
17. India, Know Thyself
18. Dayanand, The Revivalist
19. Dayanand, The Educationist
20. Dayanand, The Savior of Hinduism
21. Dayanand, The Maker of Modern India
22. Dayanand, The Benefactor of Humanity

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