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Delhi by Heart - Impressions of a Pakistani Traveller
Delhi by Heart - Impressions of a Pakistani Traveller

Delhi by Heart - Impressions of a Pakistani Traveller

by Raza Rumi

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Harper Collins


9789350294185 - Year: 2013 - Pages: 322



Raza Rumi
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Author: Raza Rumi
Publisher: Harper Collins
Year: 2013
Language: English
Pages: 322
ISBN/UPC (if available): 9789350294185


Why, asks Raza Rumi, does the capital of another country feel like home? How is it that a man from Pakistan can cross the border into 'hostile' territory and yet not feel 'foreign'? Is it the geography, the architecture, the food? Or is it the streets, the festivals and the colors of the subcontinent, so familiar and yes, beloved…

As he takes in the sights, from the Sufi shrines in the south to the markets of Old Delhi, from Lutyens' stately mansions to Ghalib's crumbling abode, Raza uncovers the many layers of the city. He connects with the richness of the Urdu language, observes the syncretic evolution of mystical Islam in India and its deep connections with Hindustani classical music so much a part of his own selfhood. And every so often, he returns to the refuge of Hazrat Nizamuddin Auliya, the twelfth-century pir, whose dargah still reverberates with music and prayer every evening.

His wanderings through Delhi lead Raza back in time to recollections of a long-forgotten Hindu ancestry and to comparisons with his own city of Lahore in many ways a mirror image of Delhi. They also lead to reflections on the nature of the modern city, the inherent conflict between the native and the immigrant and, inevitably, to an inquiry into his own identity as a South Asian Muslim.

Rich with history and anecdote, and conversations with Dilli-walas known and unknown, Delhi by Heart offers an unusual perspective and unexpected insights into the political and cultural capital of India.


‘His book is not just limited to notes and monuments and Sufi Islam, but spans subjects like Hindustani classical music, Urdu and even food, as they have developed in Delhi’
== Deccan Herald


‘…a book that needs to be read, and read yet again’
== Mail Taday




The City and I
Realm of the Sufis
Meeting Again
The Sultanate’s Ruins
Earth’s Music
Lover’s Heart
The Chosen Spirits
Those Who Stayed
Centuries of Flavour
The New Dellhis
Rivers of Fire
Ghalib’s Delhi
Love’s Labyrinth
Familiar, Unfamiliar?


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