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Discovering the Laws of Life

by John Marks Templeton

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Manjul Publishing House


9788183220118 - Year: 2005 - Pages: 307



John Marks Templeton
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Author: John Marks Templeton
Foreword/Introduction: Norman Vincent Peale
Publisher: Manjul Publishing House
Year: 2005
Language: English
Pages: 307
ISBN/UPC (if available): 9788183220118


A man of boundless erudition, fathomless curiosity, and unaffected piety, John Marks Templeton is an internationally prominent financier whose careful stewardship of his funds enabled him to establish the Templeton Prize for Progress in Religion, which exceeds even the Nobel Prize in financial value. Now, at the age of 81, Templeton presents his inspirational story--a summing-up of a lifetime of wisdom and observation.

The poet Henry Wadsworth Longfellow wrote: “Lives of great men of remind us that we can make our lives sublime and departing leave behind us footprints in the sands of time.” The truth of this statement can be demonstrated if we look to the lives of the famous as well as the unsung heroes of the past and present, for there we will ?nd many models for useful, happy living. And, when we examine their words and deeds, we will discover the principles that inspired and sustained their bene?ts to future generations.

Some laws in this book are based on quotations from sources as far-reaching and varied as Aesop’s Fables, Lao Tse’s Tao Te Ching and Wayne Dyer’s The Sky’: The Limit. Drawn from the scriptures of different traditions, as well as from schools of philosophical thought both ancient and modern, each quotation points to a particular law that holds true for most people under most circumstances. The essays are designed to inspire and encourage you—to help you consider more deeply the laws you live by and to reap the rewards of their practical application.

The laws described here are like tools. When you apply them consistently, they have the power to transform your life into a more deeply useful and joyful experience. Even if your life is already working well, it’s possible that it will work even better as you incorporate the wisdom contained in these pages. If I had found a book of 200 basic laws of life during my college years, I could have been far more productive then and in the years that have followed.

Although Discovering the Laws of Life can be read like any other book of inspirational material, its organization follows that of an academic study program. The laws are arranged into the forty weeks of the typical school year, with ?ve days of “homework” for each week. At the end of that year, you will have read, studied and learned the meanings of the two hundred laws of life contained in this book. This organization should also prove useful for families who want to study these laws in daily sessions, for Sunday schools in many churches, for private religious schools and for public schools in those countries which permit or require schools to include religious education.

You may also bene?t from the laws included here by applying them to various activities in your own life. For example, you might form an informal discussion group with your friends or with a church or school group. Many people have bene?ted by coming together with others to explore topics of mutual interest. Such a group might share not only a variety of points of view on the importance and meaning of the laws of life, but can also provide support and encouragement for individual members as they begin to make changes in their lives. If you choose such an approach, you might select a single essay, read it as a group and spend an hour or so discussing the ideas. Group trust should develop, allowing you to deepen your relationship to the concepts and to each other by sharing your personal successes and failures as you apply the laws to your life.

“More than almost any other businessman I know, John Templeton understands that the true measure of a person’s success in life is not financial accomplishment but moral integrity and inner character.”
== Billy Graham

“His financial skills and achievements are not what have produced my admiration, remarkable though they may be. What has impressed me most is his dedication and drive in the spiritual realm.”
== Norman Vincent Peale

“I applaud the publication of this master work. How grateful the world will be that he has shared his secret openly, forthrightly, packed with integrity and healing powers.”
== Robert Schuller

“This is a remarkable book, pithy and full of wisdom… In an age of rapid and ceaseless change, we would do well to pause and consider the unchanging laws that are the measure of our humanity.”
== J. Peter Grace

“All your children should read it, but especially with you so that their lives, and yours, will be better for the spent together…”
== Theodore M. Hesburgh



Foreword by Norman Vincent Peale
Introduction by John Marks Templeton

A. The Golden Rule
B. Listen to Learn
C. It is better to Love than to be loved
D. Thanksgiving Leads to having more to Give Thanks for
E. You Cannot be Lonely if You Help the Lonely

A. You are sought after if you Reflect Love, Joy, Peace, Patience, Kindness, Goodness, Faithfulness, Gentleness and Self-Control
B. A Smile Breeds a Smile
C. None Knows the Weight of Another's Burden
D. Agape Given Grows, Agape Hoarded Dwindles
E. A Measure of Mental Health is the Disposition to Find Good Everywhere

A. Giving Friendship is more rewarding than Giving Luxuries
B. Love Given is Love Received
C. Laws of Life Guide Your Actions and Reactions
D. Pray Without Ceasing
E. The Impossible is the Untried

A. I Shall Allow No Man to Belittle My Soul by Making Me Hate Him
B. Success is a Journey, not a Destination
C. an Attitude of Gratitude Creates Blessings
D. Enthusiasm is Contagious
E. You Fear what you do not Understand

A. Love Has the Patience to Endure the Fault We Cannot Cure
B. Nothing Can Bring You Peace but Yourself
C. The Unexamined Life is not Worth Living
D. Build Thee more Stately Mansions, O My Soul
E. You are only as Good as Your Word

Week SIX
A. Where There's a will there’s a Way
B. The Borrower is Servant to the Lender
C. There is No Limit in the Universe
D. A Loving Person Lives in a Loving World
E. Count Your Blessings and You will have an Attitude of Gratitude

A. We learn more By Welcoming Criticism than By Rendering Judgment
B. Life is Ten Percent what You Make it and Ninety Percent How You Take It
C. When the One Great Scorekeeper Comes, He Counts not Whether You Won or Lost but How You Played the Game
D. We Tend to Find what We Look for Good or Evil, Problems or Solutions
E. Fill Every Unforgiving Moment with Sixty Seconds of Distance Run

A. Every Ending is a New Beginning
B. The Only Way to have a Friend is to be a Friend
C. Man is what He Believes
D. The Dark of Night is not the End of the World
E. Revenge is Devilish and forgiveness is Saintly

A. Helpfulness, not Willfulness, Brings Rewards
B. Birds of a Feather Flock Together
C. Crime Doesn't Pay
D. You Can Make Opposition Work for You
E. Small Attempts Repeated will Complete Any Undertaking

A. No One Knows what He Can do Until He Tries
B. 'Tis the Part of the Wise Man to Keep Himself Today for Tomorrow, and not Venture All His Eggs in One Basket
C. Thoughts are Things
D. as Within, So Without
E. A Stitch in Time Saves Nine

A. Perseverance Makes the Difference between Success and Defeat
B. The Secret of a Productive Life Can be Sought and Found
C. Enthusiasm Breeds Achievement
D. The Way to Mend the Bad World is to Create the Right World
E. It is better to Praise than to Criticize

A. Laughter is the Best Medicine
B. Progress Depends on Diligence and Perseverance
C. Humility like Darkness Reveals the Heavenly Light
D. Love Conquers All Things
E. If You do not Know what you want to achieve with Your Life, You May not Achieve Much

A. The Greatest Gift You Can Give Another is the Purity of Your Attention
B. Everyone and Everything around You is Your Teacher
C. Hitch Your Wagon to a Star
D. The Price of Greatness is Responsibility
E. Good Words are Worth Much and Cost Little

A. You Can Never Solve a Problem on the Same Level as the Problem
B. Happy Relationships Depend not on finding the Right Person, But in Being the Right Person
C. We Receive Freely When We Give Freely
D. The Truth will Make You Free
E. If You Would Find Gold, You Must Search Where Gold Is

A. Habit is the Best of Servants, the Worst of Masters
B. Man Cannot Discover New Oceans Until He Has the Courage to Lose Sight of the Shore
C. Men are Punished By Their Sins, not for Them
D. Accentuate the Positive; Eliminate the Negative
E. forgiving Uplifts the forgiver

A. The Light of Understanding Dissolves the Phantoms of Fear
B. It's Better to Lead than to Push
C. Make Yourself Necessary to the World and Mankind will Give You Bread
D. Love is something if you give it away
E. Thoughts Held in Mind Produce after Their Kind

A. Progress Requires Change
B. Chance Favors the Prepared
C. A Good Reputation is more valuable than Money
D. Your Life Becomes what You Think
E. To Err is Human, to forgive is Divine

A. what is of All Things Most Yielding Can Overcome That which is the Most Hard?
B. The Seven Deadly Sins Are: Pride, Lust, Sloth, Envy, Anger, Covetousness and Gluttony
C. Never do Anything That You'll have to Punish Yourself for
D. It is better to light a Single Candle than to Curse the Darkness
E. To be forgiven, we Must First forgive

A. Reverse the Word EVIL and You have the Word LIVE
B. He Who Has a Why for Which to Live, Can Bear with Almost Any How
C. If at First You Don't Succeed, Try, Try Again
D. The Family That Prays Together Stays Together
E. There's as Much Risk in Doing Nothing as in Doing Something

A. Lost Time is Never Found Again
B. When You Rule Your Mind, You Rule Your World
C. Happiness Comes From Spiritual Wealth not Material Wealth
D. Once a Word Has Been Allowed to Escape, it cannot be Recalled
E. By Giving, You Grow

A. Enthusiasm Facilitates Achievement
B. You have the Most Powerful Weapons on Earth-Love and Prayer
C. No One Can Make You Feel Inferior without Your Consent
D. Who Gossips to You will Gossip of You
E. Find a Need and Fill It

A. If You are Facing in the Right Direction, All You Need to do is keep on Walking
B. No Person Was Ever Honored for what He Received, But for what He Gave
C. World Progress Needs Entrepreneurs
D. Expect the Best; Convert Problems into Opportunities
E. Give Blessings

A. The Seeds of Destruction Arc Sown in Anger
B. You Make Yourself and Others Suffer Just as Much When You Take Offense as When You Give Offense
C: There is No Difficulty That Enough Love will not conquer
D. The Wise Person Looks within His Heart and Finds Eternal Peace
E. be Prepared

A. You Arc on the Road to Success if You Realize That Failure is Only a Detour
B. Thanksgiving Leads to Giving and forgiving, and to Spiritual Growth
C. Give Credit and Help to All Who have Helped You
D. Self-Control Leads to Success
E. Your Thoughts are Like Boomerangs

A. Often, a Pat on the Back Works Better than a Kick in the Pants
B. A Soft Answer Turns Away Wrath, but a Harsh Word Stirs up Anger
C. Little Things Mean a Lot
D. To be Upset Over what You Don't have is to Waste what you do have
E. Honesty is the Best Policy

A. It is Always Darkest before the Dawn
B. Healthy Minds Tend to Cause Healthy Bodies and Vice Versa
C. To be wronged is Nothing Unless You Continue to Remember It
D. what the Mind Can Conceive, it May Achieve
E. of All the Things You Wear, Your Expression is the Most Important

A. The Pen is Mightier than the Sword
B. WISDOM is Born of Mistakes; Confront Error and Learn
C. Great Heroes Arc Humble
D. You Create Your Own Reality
E. A Task takes as Long as there is Time to do It

A. Procrastination is the Thief of Time
B. If Any Man Desire to be first, the Same Shall be Last of All, and Servant of All
C. You Can Build Your Own Heaven or Hell on Earth
D. Beauty is But Skin Deep
E. Worry is a Rocking Chair That Gives You Something to Do, But Never Gets You Anywhere

A. Defeat Isn't Bitter if You Don't Swallow It
B. Where There is No Vision the People Perish
C. The Greatness is not in Me; I Am in the Greatness
D. Laugh and the World Laughs with You; Weep and You Weep Alone
E. If Nothing is Ventured, Nothing is gained

A. Self-Control Wins the Race
B. Love Thy Neighbor as Thyself
C. Freedom is a Fact of Life
D. Honesty is the First Chapter in the Book of Wisdom
E. Thanksgiving, not Complaining, Attracts People to You

A. Ask not what You Can Expect of Life; ask what Life Expects of You
B. A Man Can Fail Many Times but He Isn't a Failure Until He Begins to Blame Others
C. A Soul without a High Aim is Like a Ship without a Rudder
D. Beautiful Thoughts Build a Beautiful Soul
E. A Happy Person is not a Person in a Certain Set of Circumstances but Rather a Person with a Certain Set of Attitudes

A. Seeking Entertainment Prevents Greatness
B. what You Resist, You Draw to Yourself
C. All Sunshine Makes a Desert
D. Comparisons Give Us Cancer of the Soul
E. Whether You Think You can or Not, You are Right

A. Use Wisely Your Power of Choice
B. Work is Love Made Visible
C. No Man is Tree Who is not Master of Himself
D. By Choosing Your Thoughts, You Can Create
Either Hell or Heaven on Earth
E. The Greatest Charity is to Help a Person Change From Being a Receiver to Being a Giver

A. Leave No Stone Unturned
B. what We Focus on Expands
C. By Free will Each of Us is a Co-Creator in Life
D. Thoughts of Doubt and Fear are Pathways to Failure
E. If You Can't Say Something Good, Then Don't Say Anything

A. Give the Extra Ounce
B. Success Feeds on Itself and Creates more Success
C. Never Put off until Tomorrow what you Can do Today 260
D. The Things that are Seen are Temporal; But the Things that are not Seen are Eternal
E. what is done is done

A. It is not So Much Ours to Set the World Right, Rather it is ours to see it rightly
B. We Can Become Bitter or Better as a Result of Our Experiences
C. We Carry Within Us the Wonders We Seek Without Us
D. Misfortunes can be Blessings
E. Happiness Pursued, Eludes; Happiness Given, Returns

A. No One's Education is Ever Complete
B. Failing to Plan is planning to fail
C. By Their Fruits You Shall Know Them
D. Instead of Cynicism, Try Optimism
E. Tithing Often Brings Prosperity and Honor

A. The Shadow of Ignorance is Fear
B. Imitate That Person in History Whom You Admire Most, after You List the Reasons Why You Admire That Person
C. You Can be Cither Part of the Problem or Part of the Solution
D. Learn Mind Control
E. Use it or Lose It

A. It's Nice to be Important, But It's more Important to be Nice
B. Those Who Seldom Make Mistakes Seldom Make Discoveries
C. The Measure of a Man's Real Character is what He Would do if He Would Never be Found Out
D. Change Your Mind to Change Your Life
E. You Get Back what You Give Out

A. Minds are Like Parachutes-They Only Function When They are Open
B. Progress and Growth are Impossible if You Always do Things the Way You've Always Done Things
C. Holding onto Grievances is a Decision to Suffer
D. It is more rewarding to give than to Receive
E. Love the Unlovable

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