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Dispatches from the Arab Spring  -  Understanding the New Middle East
Dispatches from the Arab Spring - Understanding the New Middle East

Dispatches from the Arab Spring - Understanding the New Middle East

by Nouri Gana

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9789380118048 - Year: 2013 - Pages: 415



Nouri Gana
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Author: Nouri Gana
Paul Amar/Several Contributors
Translator(s)/ Editors(s): Paul Amar/Vijay Prashad
Publisher: LeftWord
Year: 2013
Language: English
Pages: 415
ISBN/UPC (if available): 9789380118048


It is time to rethink how we understand the Arab world. The myriad revolts and revolutions of the so-called Arab Spring unleashed forces of emancipation and spirits of social justice that swept across the region with unprecedented speed, ferocity, and joy. As these epochal movements faced violent devolutions and frustrating detours, horizons of transformation remained in question. But there is no doubt that like so many dictators, the old regimes of perception about the Arab world have been toppled.

Dispatches from the Arab Spring offers modes of analysis inspired by the methodology of revolt. It provides a comprehensive reintroduction to the entire region, not just those countries and spectacles that most captivated the media. This book weaves comprehension of new forms of domination and resistance into the whole cloth of social history, political geography, cultural creativity, global political economy, and power politics. The study of the Arab world is no longer limited to grasping the intractability of imperial or colonial or bellicose pasts: it is turning to recognize the exciting imminence of global futures.

The book collects writings by some of the world’s most respected intellectuals who have turned their attention to the region. They are deeply aware of the national and local dynamics, schooled in the world of detail—where the devil lurks but so does hope. Dispatches from the Arab Spring lays out a tentative map for the future, hewed of a comparative agenda for introducing the region to students, the public, and researchers, for tracking new actors, structural economic formations, and political possibilities.


Imperious despot, insolent in strife, Lover of ruin, enemy of life! You mock the anguish of an impotent land Whose people’s blood has stained your tyrant hand, And desecrate the magic of this earth, Sowing your thorns, to bring despair to birth.
= Abul-Qasim al-Shabbi, lla Tughat al-Alam



Introduction: Revolutionizing the Middle East Paul Amar and Vijay Prashad
Tunisia by Nouri Gana
Egypt by Paul Amar
Bahrain by Adam Hanieh
Saudi Arabia by Toby C. Jones
Algeria by Susan Slyomovics
Morocco by Merouan Mekouar
Libya by Anjali Kamat and Ahmad Shokr
Syria by Paulo Gabriel Hilu Pinto
Jordan by Jilian Schwedler
Lebanon by Maya Mikdashi
Palestine by Toufic Haddad
Iraq by Haifa Zangana
Sudan by Khalid Mustafa Medani


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