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Dissenting Diagnosis
Dissenting Diagnosis

Dissenting Diagnosis

by Arun Gadre

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Random House India


9788184007015 - Year: 2016 - Pages: 190



Arun Gadre
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Author: Arun Gadre
Abhay Shukla/
Foreword/Introduction: Keshav Desiraju
Publisher: Random House India
Year: 2016
Language: English
Pages: 190
ISBN/UPC (if available): 9788184007015


Complaints about the state of medical care are increasing in today’s India: whether it’s unnecessary investigations, botched operations or expensive—sometimes even harmful—medication. But while the unease is widespread, few outside the profession understand the extent to which the medical system is being distorted. Dr Arun Gadre and Dr Abhay Shukla have gathered evidence from seventy-eight practicing doctors, in both the private and public medical sectors, to expose the ways in which vulnerable patients are exploited by a system that promotes unscrupulous medical practices.

At a time when the medical sector is growing rapidly, especially in urban areas, with the proliferation of multi-specialty hospitals and the adoption of ever-more sophisticated technologies, rational and ethical medical care is becoming increasingly rare. Honest doctors feel under siege, professional bodies meant to regulate the medical sector fail to do so, and the influence of the powerful pharmaceutical industry becomes even more pervasive.

Drawing on the frank and courageous statements of these seventy-eight doctors dismayed at the state of their profession, Dissenting Diagnosis lays bare the corruption afflicting the medical sector in India and sets out solutions for a healthier future.



Foreword by Keshav Desiraju


Part One: Diagnosing the Malady
1. Complete Interview: Dr. Vijay Ajgaonkar, senior diabetologist, Mumbai
2. Malpractices in Private Hospitals
3. The Toxic Influence of Pharmaceutical Companies
4. Health Care Becomes an ‘Industry’: The Growing Influence of Corporate and Multi-specialty Hospitals
5. Social Attitudes and the Policy Context
6. Some Solutions suggested by Doctors

Part Two: Initiating the Cure
7. Physicians, Heal Thy System!
8. What Rights Do I Have as a Patient in a Private Hospital?
9. How can I Recognize a Rational, Ethical Doctor?
10. How Should the Private Medical Sector Be Regulated?
11. Moving towards a System for Universal Health Care (UHC)
12. Joining Hands for Healing the Health Sector

A Note of the Authors

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