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Family Wars - Classic Conflicts in family business
Family Wars - Classic Conflicts in family business

Family Wars - Classic Conflicts in family business

by Grant Gordon

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Kogan Page


9780749454579 - Year: 2008 - Pages: 289



Grant Gordon
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Author: Grant Gordon
Nigel Nicholson/
Publisher: Kogan Page
Year: 2008
Language: English
Pages: 289
ISBN/UPC (if available): 9780749454579


Family Wars takes you behind the scenes on a rollercoaster ride through the ups and downs of some of the biggest family-run companies in the world, showing how family in-fighting has threatened to bring about their downfall. Whether it’s Redstone’s courtroom battles or the feud over Henry Ford’s reluctance to let go of the reins, the book reveals the origins, the extent and the final resolution of some of the most famous family feuds in recent history. Case studies in Family Wars include:

• Koch Industries • the Reliance Story • the Gallo Family • Bata Shoe • the Guinness Story • the Pathak Family • the Gucci Family

With insight into issues such as boardroom power struggles, family succession battles and the consequences – good and bad – of nepotism, Family Wars offers practical suggestions for how similar problems can be contained and solved.

Many of the world’s greatest businesses are family owned - but with this comes the threat of family fighting, sibling rivalries and petty jealousies. Family Wars is the dramatic story of the family feuds and bust-ups that have threatened some of the world’s greatest businesses.

Covering families such as Ford, Gucci, McCain, Ambani and Redstone, this book is an astonishing exposé of the way families do business and how arguments can threaten to blow a business apart. More than telling the stories behind some of these dramatic showdowns, Family Wars also provides valuable advice for anyone involved in running a family business.


Family wars
The ideas: the roots of family warfare
Brothers at arms
The house that hubris built
Heads in the sand – the insularity trap
Schism – the house divided
Un-civil war
The lessons - the price of war and the prize of peace

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