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First in the Morning - 365 Uplifting Moments to Start the Day Consciously

by Osho

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Full Circle


9788176212687 - Year: 2014 - Pages: 372



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Author: Osho
Publisher: Full Circle
Year: 2014
Language: English
Pages: 372
ISBN/UPC (if available): 9788176212687


The words on the following pages are extracted from intimate meetings, where the enlightened mystic, Osho, talks with people from all walks of life. It was at Osho’s suggestion that this, and its companion volume, Last in the Evening, were compiled.

The books have been planned in such a way that each day has a particular theme, and the subject of the morning and evening complement each other. So First in the Morning can be read alone, or in combination with the evening book.

The best time to read the passage for the morning is to do so on ?rst waking up, before the mind becomes engaged in the day’s activities. The book contains 365 passages, which have been designed to be read chronologically, rather than randomly.

In this book, Osho sometimes refers to “sannyas” or “sannyasins.” As Osho uses this term, sannyas simply means making a decision to bring self-awareness into your life, a commitment to give time to the exploration and celebration of the inner, as well as to the outer, ordinary, day-to-day concerns: “Sannyas is nothing but the change, the shift, the radical shift, from looking at oneself from the outside to looking at oneself from the inside. It is sitting inside and looking, not depending on others’ opinions, scriptures, et cetera, but just watching yourself from your innermost core and asking, “Who am I?” And not depending on anybody else’s answer. One has to ?nd one’s own answer, only that can be ful?lling.”

Reading the passages in this book is in itself a form of contemplation because, as Osho says, the words of a mystic are not part of any theory to be accepted or refuted; the reader is not asked to be a follower or a believer. In fact, it is not even the words themselves that are of signi?cance, but rather what the words convey.

“Consciousness is created by you. It is your own effort to stand on your own two feet, to look at life and to gather enough courage to live according to your Light.”

Osho is a thoroughly contemporary mystic who understands our hopes and wishes, our dreams and ideals – and the practical reality of our day-to-day lives. First in the Morning offers a realistic solution to anyone who longs to bring meditation - and the moments of peace, relaxation and awareness that accompany it — into their way of life.

Simply start each day by reading the passage for that morning. The extracts in this book, along with its companion volume, last in the Evening, are taken from one—on-one talks with Osho.

You will ?nd Osho’s insights on a variety of subjects including the nature of bliss, love, joy, godliness and meditation. This book, with passages specially selected for the morning, is invaluable for those already familiar with meditation as well as the newcomer to the world of the inner. The two books can be used individually or as a set.

“One needs a house, one needs food, one needs money and one needs clothes; one should pay attention to all these things, hut they should not become all and everything. Some space, some time should be given to the inner exploration. That’s what I call meditation: sitting with yourself, being with yourself, available to your own subjectivity. ”

“That availability, that openness, opens you not to your own self hut to the very self of existence. And unless you know what this life is all about, you live in vain. Unless you taste the mystery of this immense beauty and ecstasy that surrounds you — it is already there, you just need to be a little more alert and sensitive to it – life remains empty. You are born and yet not born, you live and yet you are dead. ”

“Seeing oneself one is horn anew. Meeting with oneself is a rebirth, the real birth. ”

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