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Foodprints - A Trail of Food and Memories
Foodprints - A Trail of Food and Memories

Foodprints - A Trail of Food and Memories

by Priya Bala

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Popular Prakashan


9788179918210 - Year: 2014 - Pages: 147



Priya Bala

Author: Priya Bala
Publisher: Popular Prakashan
Year: 2014
Language: English
Pages: 147
ISBN/UPC (if available): 9788179918210


This is a collection of recipes from everywhere that are a pleasure to cook, eat and serve. It’s also much more than that. For, each recipe comes wrapped in a story, drawn from Priya Bala’s idyllic childhood in Sri Lanka. And each recipe is a story: where milk rice is cooked on auspicious occasions, the sense of having come home is her mother’s mutton curry, tasting salmon at a fjord-side stall during an Oslo summer is a recollection of delight and the satisfaction of finding a noodle soup stall at 3 am after a night of partying in Bangkok.

The recipes in this book are inspired by food memories-an egg bonda eaten while at the movies with a beloved niece, gossiping with a friend and Frenchwoman over poached prawns and mayonnaise and pink Champagne and a seafood biryani cooked for a special dinner date. So, it is, above all, a book about the simple yet priceless joys of cooking, sharing, loving.



My First Butter Cake
The World's Best Fruit Cake, Really
Chilled Chicks and Other Party Eats
A Simple Bread for Hungry Workers
Treats on a Tea Estate
Rice for Auspicious Days
All Together Now
Devilishly Good
Something Fishy
For the Festive Table
Stuffed with Coconut
Pasta for Comfort
Never Goes Out of Style
Roll it up
The Spice Inside
Steamy Affair
Something Aussie
DIY Pizza
Movie Time, But No Popcorn
You Can Make Appam, Too
It's All in the Curry Powder
Make Mine Curry
A Sweet—hot Sambol
Baking for the Man in My Life
The Goodness of Milk
Yes, They Eat Banana Stems
Greens, Chettinad-style
Snake Gourd, Sans the Boredom
A Coconut Milk Stew
A Different Sort of Egg Curry
Perfectly Pickled
How Do You Think I Found My Tahini?
The Best Ribs Ever
A Goan Speciality
The Simplest of Rasams
A Very Pondicherry Salad
Mango Chutney, Two Ways
A Deceptively Simple Dal
Fish That Packs a Punch
Winter Oranges
Peas Time
A Happy Meal-in-One
Pub Grub I Love Best
Biryani for a Crowd
Clever Use of Leftovers
Memories of Oslo in Summer
Fried Rice without Rules
Tea, Anyone?
A River-side Delicacy
A Pick-me-Up Bowl
From the Italian Riviera
A Chic French Appetiser
With Your Champagne
A Parisian Snack
Tapas Bar Special
From My Favourite Market
Cooking Lessons in Marrakesh
For a Special Dinner
Prawn Pulao in a Jiffy
The Things You Can Do with Potatoes!
Baked Mustard Chicken
All the Dals Together
Stuff That!
Rice, the Italian Way
Kebabs at Home
Snack on Shrimp
Two Kinds of Mango Curry
Eat Hot or Cold
Trouble-free Finger Food
Just the Thing at Midnight
From a Chef's Repertoire
Three Kinds of Mashed Potato
Why You Should Buy a Pasta Maker
A Healthy Chinese Snack
A Make-ahead Meal
All Wrapped Up
Chinese at Home
Two Soups
Bread ‘n’ Butter Pudding
Little Pots of Luxury
An Easy, Impressive Cake
Perfectly English
One Good Thing on Top of Another
A Cupful of Joy
Lemon Squares
My Fave Chocolate Cake
Fruit and Chocolate
Start Baking with Yeast
Sinful and So Good
A Warm Dessert for a Cool Evening
Baking for the Weight-Watcher
Lightness of Being
Wow Them with Dessert
A Sweet Ending

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