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Fractured Times - Culture and Society in the Twentieth Century
Fractured Times - Culture and Society in the Twentieth Century

Fractured Times - Culture and Society in the Twentieth Century

by Eric Hobsbawn

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9781408704288 - Year: 2013 - Pages: 319



Eric Hobsbawn

Author: Eric Hobsbawn
Publisher: Hachette
Year: 2013
Language: English
Pages: 319
ISBN/UPC (if available): 9781408704288


Eric Hobsbawm, one of the most brilliant and original historians of our age, was born almost one hundred years ago and grew up in Vienna and Berlin. His early life placed him perfectly to observe the forthcoming era of titanic social and artistic change.

As the twentieth century wore on, bourgeois fin de siècle culture was forcefully confronted by myriad new movements and ideologies, from communism and extreme nationalism to Dadaism to the emergence of information technology. In Fractured Times, Hobsbawm, with characteristic verve, unpicks a century of such fragmentation.

Hobsbawm examines the conditions that both created the flowering of the belle époque and held the seeds of its disintegration: paternalistic capitalism, globalization and the arrival of a mass consumer society.

Passionate but never sentimental, he ranges freely across his subject: records the passing of the golden age of the 'free intellectual' and explores the lives of forgotten greats; analyses the relationship between art and totalitarianism and dissects phenomena as diverse as surrealism, the emancipation of women and the American cowboy myth.

Written with consummate imagination and skill, Fractured Times is the last book from one of our greatest modern-day thinkers.


'Arguably Britain's most respected historian of any kind, one of a tiny handful of historians of any era to enjoy genuine national and world renown . . . Both in his knowledge of detail and in his extraordinary powers of synthesis, he was unrivalled'
= Guardian

'One of the greatest British historians of his age . . . For sheer intellectual firepower and analytical skill, Hobsbawm remained unsurpassed'
= Daily Telegraph

'A magisterial historian of the modern age . . . Eric Hobsbawm pioneered the study of popular protest, riot and revolt, and his writings were as important to social scientists as to historians'
= The Times




1. Manifestos

Part I: The Predicament of ‘High Culture’ Today

2. Where Are the Arts Going?

3. A Century of Cultural Symbiosis?

4. Why Hold Festivals in the Twenty-First Century?

5. Politics and Culture in the New Century

Part II: The Culture of the Bourgeois World

6. Enlightenment and Achievement: The Emancipation of Jewish Talent since 1800

7. The Jews and Germany

8. Mitteleuropean Destinies

9. Culture and Gender in European Bourgeois Society 1870-1914

10. Art Nouveau

11. The Last Days of Mankind

12. Heritage

Part III: Uncertainties, Science, Religion

13. Worrying About the Future

14. Science: Social Function and World Change

15. Mandarin in a Phrygian Cap: Joseph Needham

16. The Intellectuals: Role, Function and Paradox

17. The Prospect of Public Religion

18. Art and Revolution

19. Art and Power

20. The Avant-Garde Fails

Part IV: From Art to Myth

21. Pop Goes the Artist: Our Exploding Culture

22. The American Cowboy: An International Myth?


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