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Gaza Mama - Politics and Parenting in Palestine
Gaza Mama - Politics and Parenting in Palestine

Gaza Mama - Politics and Parenting in Palestine

by Laila El-Haddad

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Women Unlimited


9788188965823 - Year: 2013 - Pages: 288



Laila El-Haddad
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Author: Laila El-Haddad
Publisher: Women Unlimited
Year: 2013
Language: English
Pages: 288
ISBN/UPC (if available): 9788188965823


Gaza Mama is both a personal diary and a selection of political articles written on her blog and for various news agencies by a young mother in Gaza. It is a window into the life of a busy journalist and a caring mother, a spectator observing, and most importantly, an actor living Gaza from the outside in.

How does a mother explain the complex reality of Gaza to her own young children, rightly perplexed at the attitude of visa authorities, the threats of Israeli soldiers and the pain and unbelonging experienced by those around them, for a homeland they are often denied entry to and seldom see? How can a journalist cover the story of her homeland objectively, while it is being bombed and occupied, its occupants imprisoned and dispossessed?

El-Haddad s book is the story of a Gazan, life and blood, reporting on Palestinian politics and elections, massacres and border controls, and Israel’s 22-day bombardment and blockade of Gaza in 2008-2009, the infamous Operation Cast Lead.


… Laila El-Haddad writes with disciplined passion and conveys a powerful sense of authenticity. This book should become required reading for [those] who have yet to comprehend the prison-camp conditions prevailing in Gaza.
= Richard Falk U.N. Special Rapporter for Human Rights in the Occupied Territories

Laila El-Haddad brings the realities of Palestinian existence to life with wit, anger, passion, love, and most of all a keen eye for the cruel absurdities of life under occupation.
= Stephen Walt Harvard University




Part 1: Gaza Life as Israel (Partially) Withdraws
December 2004 – December 2005
1. Going Home to Gaza
2. Palestinian Life in Lebanon and the West Bank
3. A Long Hot Summer in Gaza
4. Waiting for Israel’s Pullout
5. The Occupation Goes Remote Control
6. The Empire Strikes Back

Part 2: Elections-and Punishing the Electorate
January-December 2006
7. Palestine’s Elections Drama
8. The Counting Game
9. Living the Siege
10. “The Earth Is Closing In on Us”
11. I Complain, Therefore I Am
12. We Are Alone
13. Gaza on the Brink

Part 3: Gaza under Siege and Assault
January 2007 – August 2010
14. Gaza: Gloom, Impermanence, Dread
15. Gaza: From Prison to Zoo
16. The Lead Is Cast
17. Traveling and Being
18. The Battle of the Narratives continues


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