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Glimpses of Excellence - In Ancient India

by Dr. Suruchi Pande

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Sri Ramakrishna Math


9788178835785 - Year: 2014 - Pages: 140



Dr. Suruchi Pande
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Author: Dr. Suruchi Pande
Publisher: Sri Ramakrishna Math
Year: 2014
Language: English
Pages: 140
ISBN/UPC (if available): 9788178835785


From the typical Westernized perception of India as uncivilized, barbarous and primitive, the pendulum is now swinging to an enlightened perception of India having a glorious, highly cultured and advanced civilization since ancient times. Is this perception merely imaginative or can it be justified and substantiated? Few really know what the achievements of ancient India were and how to assess those achievements from the perceptive of contemporary civilizations.

The author of this work, Dr. Suruchi Pande, allows us to have some glimpses of excellence achieved in ancient India in diverse fields through her painstaking research and compilation of the literary evidences and references that stand as testimony to the acclaimed ancient Indian genius. The monumental text she refers to in this work gives us some glimpses of the skill, dexterity and perfection the ancient Indians achieved in various fields of human endeavor that can baffle even the experts of the today’s world!

May Sri Ramakrishna, Sri Sarada Devi and Swami Vivekananda shower their blessings on Dr. Suruchi Pande for writing for writing this book, on Sri Keerti kumar for helping us in editing the manuscript, on Sri N Subramanian and Ms. Tejaswini for helping us in the proofreading, and on several well-wishers who readily permitted us to use some of the photographs in their collections to be included in this book.


Each of you was born with a splendid heritage, which is the whole of the infinite past life of your glorious nation.
= Swami Vivekananda



Publisher’s Note
Key to Transliteration and Pronunciation

I. General Introduction
II. Arts

1. Introduction
2. Art of Painting
3. Art of Rangavallee
4. Art of Music
5. Art of Dance
6. Art of Drama
7. Art of Beautification
7.1 Cosmetics
7.2 Gemology and Ornamentation
8. Art of Love

III. Food and Nourishment
1. Introduction
2. Type of Food
3. Purity of Food
4. Varieties of Food
5. Charity of Food

IV. Health and Well-Being
1. Introduction
2. Ayurveda
2.1 Human Medicine
2.2Veterinary Medicine
2.3 Plant Medicine
2.4 Medicinal uses of flowers
3. Yoga

V. Sports and Past-time
1. Introduction
2. During Vedic Age
3. During Epic Age
4. During Buddhist Age
5. References to Other Games

VI. Literature
1. Introduction
2. Lexicography
2.1 Amarakosa
2.2 Kosakalpataru
2.3 Dhaturupakosa
3. Grammar
4. Rhetoric and Poetry

VII. Ethics of Statecraft
1. Introduction
2. In Ramayana
3. In Mahabharata
4. In Kautiliya Artha Sastra
5. Weapons and Warfare

VIII. Sciences
1. Introduction
2. Mathematics
3. Alchemy
4. Detergents
5. Writings Materials
6. Metallurgy
7. Iconography
8. Architecture
9. Naval Science
10. Aero Science
11. Astronomy
12. Atmospheric Science
13. Agricultural Science
14. Seismology
15. Environmental Science
16. Ethno-Ornithology
16.1 In Mythology & Religion
16.2 In Sanskrit Literature
16.3 In Art forms


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