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Gurdwaras - In India and around the World
Gurdwaras - In India and around the World

Gurdwaras - In India and around the World

by Patwant Singh

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7170020654 - Year: 1992 - Pages: 213



Patwant Singh
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Author: Patwant Singh
Publisher: HB
Year: 1992
Language: English
Pages: 213
ISBN/UPC (if available): 7170020654


The first-ever book on the Gurdwaras, this brilliantly written book tells in graphic and vivid detail the moving story of the Sikhs and their house of prayer.

The Gurdwaras emerged as a new edifice on India's religious landscape in the seventeenth century. Ever since then this indestructible symbol of the Sikh faith has stirred intense and indefinable feelings in millions of Sikhs everywhere.

These feelings range from a yearning for the comforting peace of its sacred precincts, and the ever abiding fragrance of marigolds and rose petals, to a longing to her recitations from the Guru Granth Sahib, and the shabads rendered to the robust and resonant voices of the ragis.

There is also the urge to savor the Karah Parsad once again - the sacramental food blessed by the Lord and given to all who visit a Gurdwara. Each of these experiences are so elevating as to bring tears to many eyes.

This brilliantly written book tells the moving story of the Sikhs and their house of Prayer. It is told in graphic and vivid detail - from the founding of the Sikh faith to the time the Gurdwara became the enduring source of self-renewal and inspiration for all Sikhs.

The narrative creates beautiful images of compassion, courage, fortitude and valor to commemorate which the Sikhs built most of their historic Gurdwaras. Many of these shrines are blessed by their association with the ten founding Gurus of the faith.

The text, and the stunning photographs in striking color which accompany it, combine to make this first-ever book on the Gurdwaras a tour de force: a celebration of a powerful symbol which represents Sikhism's pride, faith, and its most cherished beliefs.

The images and emotions this book arouses are unending. Each sustained by the inner wellspring of belief, hope, pride, passion and ecstasy: that rich mix of feelings which imbues Sikhs with love and confidence in their faith. And in their house of God - the Gurdwara.

With their distinctive appearance, adventuresome spirit, sense of service and exemplary work ethic, Sikhs have created a powerful impact the world over. And wherever they have put their toots down there stands the Gurdwara - the abiding symbol of their pride and devotion, place of prayer and piety.

In this extraordinary book - the first of its kind ever published- the inspired text takes the reader on a magical exploration of the Darbar Sahib at Amritsar; of other historic Gurdwaras in India and Pakistan and through many distant lands like Iran, Iraq, US, Canada, UK, Burma, Bangladesh and Australia where Sikhs have built noble edifices in honor of their faith.

Published for the first time here are photographs of rare relics, paintings, weapons, armor, manuscripts, memorabilia and much else which provide valuable insights into those stirrings times during which the Sikhs were asserting with compassion, courage and valor - and against amazing odds - their rights to live by the spiritual, social and philosophic goals laid down by their Gurus.


Gurmeet Thukral learned to use a camera at an early age, as his father was a professional photographer. For the past over fifteen years, he has worked as a free-lance photojournalist and his pictures have been published in Geo, Stern, She, Asia Magazine, The Illustrated Weekly of India, Imprint and several other magazines. He has traveled extensively all over India. Apart from the several illustrated books to his credit, he is presently shooting pictures for a large format illustrated book on Ganga.

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