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Healthy Diabetic Cooking
Healthy Diabetic Cooking

Healthy Diabetic Cooking

by Tarla Dalal

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Sanjay & Company


978818941802 - Year: 2008 - Pages: 95



Tarla Dalal

Author: Tarla Dalal
Publisher: Sanjay & Company
Year: 2008
Language: English
Pages: 95
ISBN/UPC (if available): 978818941802


Good health is a multifaceted aspect, and staying healthy in body and mind involves adapting a lifestyle that balances food, exercise and stress-free life. Undoubtedly, food is a key part of this matrix. It is important that every person understands the do-s and the don’t –s based on their health condition, and enjoys the widest array of nutritious food within the boundaries prescribed for them. This holds true for diabetics too.

Unfortunately, most people with diabetes translate ‘staying healthy’ to mean abstinence from all their favourite foods and living on a bare diet where sweets, traditional treats and international cuisines barel find a place. While it is important for diabetics to control their diet to maintain a healthy blood glucose level, this certainly does not mean that one should feel guilty at the very thought of exotic food or delicacies from indigenous as well as international cuisine. It was in line with this thought that I present “Healthy Diabetic Cooking”, after intense research along with my team of chefs and nutritionists. Within the pages of this book, you will find a delectable array of dishes from cuisines ranging from Indian to Italian, such as Arhar aur Tamatar ka Shorba, Page 44, Veg Fried Kodri, page 66, Fruity Chinese Tea, page 68, Lettuce and Apple Salad, page 71, Mixed Fruit Shrikhand, page 84, and lots more easy to follow recipes.

The end result is healthy food that is so delicious that non-diabetic members of the family will also enjoy it, thus doing away with the need to prepare ‘special’ food for a diabetic person. What’s more, to help you to monitor the calorie intake, a crucial aspect of diabetic care, every recipe is supplemented with information regarding its protein, fat and carbohydrate content, the total calories per serving and a suggested serving size, because even ambrosia has to be had only in limited quantities!


1. Green Peas and Mint Soup
2. Guacamole Salad
3. Enchiladas
4. Baked Tortilla with Citrus Salsa
5. Burritos
6. Nacho Stir-fry
7. Moch Peach Slush

1. Vegetable and Basil Soup
2. Italiano Salad
3. Bruschettas
4. Caramelised Capsicum Crostini
5. Vegetable Cheesy Kodri
6. Mushroom and Tri Capsicum Pizza
7. Virgin Mary

1. Clear Vegetable Soup with Tofu
2. Bean Sprouts and Vegetable Salad
3. Paneer, Mushroom and Capsicum Satay
4. Lemon Grass Spicy Vegetables
5. Thai Green Kodri
6. Thai Stir-fried Noodles with Tofu
7. Coconut Pineapple Cooler

1. Arhar aur Tamatar ka Shorba
2. Fruit Chaat
3. Karela Tikkis in Kadhai Chole
4. Methi ki Missi Roti
5. Healthy oondhiya
6. Dal Kabila
7. Spicy Kokum Drink

1. Talumein Soup
2. Paneer and Baby Corn Stir-fry
3. Stir-fried Mushroom Pancakes
4. Almond Vegetable Stir-fry
5. 3 B Stir-fry
6. Veg Fried Kodri
7. Fruity Chinese Tea

1. Cream of Broccoli Soup
2. Lettuce and Apple Salad
3. Peas and Potato Salad
4. Paneer, Walnut and Celery Rolls
5. Corn and Spinach Cream Cracker Snack
6. Aubergine Au Gratin
7. Papaya Orange Smoothie

1. Pineapple Basundi
2. Strawberry Lollies
3. Apple Crepes
4. Mixed fruit Shrikhand
5. Sugar Free Date Rolls
6. Thandai Ice-cream
7. Watermelon Sorbet

1. Nutri Tortillas
2. Vegetable Stock
3. Low Fat Curds
4. Low Fat Paneer
5. Low Calorie White Sauce
6. Pizza Sauce
7. Khajur Imli ki Chutney
8. Green Phudina Chutney

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