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How Did Harappans Say Hello? - And 16 Other Mysteries of History

by Anu Kumar

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9788129131317 - Year: 2014 - Pages: 117



Anu Kumar

Author: Anu Kumar
Painter/Illustrator/Animator: Kavita Singh Kale
Publisher: Rupa
Year: 2014
Language: English
Pages: 117
ISBN/UPC (if available): 9788129131317


Who were the Harappans and why did they vanish?

Did King Vikramaditya from the Vikram and Vetaal stories really exist?

Did the kingdom of Dwarka actually disappear under the sea?

Did the Mahabharata happen for real?

Put on your thinking caps and join author Anu Kumar on a whirlwind adventure through time to solve the many mysteries of India s past.

A fun and informative new series from Red Turtle, the Mysteries series explains strange and wonderful facts from the worlds of nature, science and history in easy-to-understand language, accompanied by detailed illustrations.

About The Illustrator:

Kavita Singh Kale has been illustrating and writing for children's books, music videos and short films for over a decade now. She has a BFA in painting from New Delhi and a PG degree in Animation from the National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad.



1. How did the Harappans say hello?
2. Whatever happened to Mohenjo-daro?
3. Who on earth were the lndo-Aryans?
4. Did the Great War in the Mahabharata really happen?
5. How did the city of Dwarka disappear under the sea?
6. Who exactly was Chanakya and why is he famous?
7. Will the real Vikramaditya please stand up?
8. Where in the world is Kaveripattinam?
9. Who drew on the walls of the Ajanta caves?
10. Who's afraid of the big bad Hunas?
11. Who burnt down the Nalanda University?
12. Who killed Razia Sultan, queen of the Slave dynasty?
13. Was the immortal love story of Jahangir and Anarkali real?
14. What are the pillars of Ashoka and what do they mean?
15. Who were the killer thuggees?
16. Where did Nana Sahib disappear?
17. What happened to the secret Stilwell Road?


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