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IBN Hajar  - Makers of Islamic Civilization
IBN Hajar - Makers of Islamic Civilization

IBN Hajar - Makers of Islamic Civilization

by R. Kevin Jaques

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Oxford University Press


9780198063001 - Year: 2010 - Pages: 156



R. Kevin Jaques
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Author: R. Kevin Jaques
Publisher: Oxford University Press
Year: 2010
Language: English
Pages: 156
ISBN/UPC (if available): 9780198063001


IBN Hajar al-‘Asqalani (1372 – 1449) was of the most influential thinkers of the fifteenth century. Drawing on autobiographical texts and contemporary accounts, Jaques focuses on the most widely read of ibn Hajar’s works – Fath al – bari (a commentary on the Sahih al – Bukhari), Inba’ al – ghumr (a history of the Mamluk Period), as well as his many works of prosopography, and explains how he drew on the theories, ideas, and aspirations of the preceding centuries of Islamic scholarship to project an enduring solution to the crises of his time.

An important strand in the story is how, despite personal suffering and the dangerous intrigues around him, Ibn Hajar rose to prominence as the chief Shafi’I judge of Egypt.

This book recounts a fascinating life profoundly devoted to religious learning. It describes the severe personal and professional problems that Ibn Hajar faced: the Mamluk court.

The book also demonstrates how Ibn Hajar found solace and protection in the Sunna and how he attempted to transform it into a personal and moral guide for Muslim life. Understanding his life and work is of direct relevance to Muslim now witnessing comparable traumas, political upheavals and uncertainties.


1. Introduction
2. Loss, Piety, and the Beginnings of Scholastic Life (773-815/1372-1412)
3. Rise to Prominence: Ibn Hajar and al – Mu’ayyad Shaykh (815-29/1412-25)
4. Court Intrigues and International Fame (824-41/1421-38)
5. Final Years and Lasting Influence (842-52/1439-49)
6. Further Reading

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