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Into The Mirror:     The Untold Story of Mukhtar Mai
Into The Mirror: The Untold Story of Mukhtar Mai

Into The Mirror: The Untold Story of Mukhtar Mai

by Bronwyn Curran

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UBS Publishers


9788174765888 - Year: 2008 - Pages: 325



Bronwyn Curran
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Author: Bronwyn Curran
Foreword/Introductio: Imran Khan
Publisher: UBS Publishers
Year: 2008
Language: English
Pages: 325
ISBN/UPC (if available): 9788174765888


In 2002, the world erupted in condemnation of an alleged gang-rape of a Pakistani village woman, reportedly on the orders of an informal tribal council, to atone for a crime her teenage brother was accused of.

Before any investigation, the Pakistan government paid the woman more than 8000 dollars in compensation and fast-tracked her trial. Within three months of the incident, six men were sentenced to hang.

The High court later acquitted five of the men and upheld the conviction of one. But as worldwide wrath again engulfed Pakistan, they were thrown back into jail three days later. Eight other freed at the original trial were also sought out and imprisoned. More than five years since the alleged crime, 13 men acquitted by the courts remain behind bars. The 14th man in jail is the only one who had been found guilty.

For the first time, the evidence underlying the case that shook the world is scrutinized by Pakistan-based journalist Bronwyn Curran, one of the first to report on the alleged gang-rape when the compelling tale first emerged.

Into The Mirror explores the ways of the tribes as it weaves through Pakistan





1. Atomic Summer
2. In the Sugarcane
3. In the Name of the Brother
4. Save My Honour
5. A cow For My Son
6. House of Women
7. A Crafty Cleric
8. Neon Caravans, Tunnels of Love
9. The Other side of the Mirror
10. Rough Trade: Vani and Swara - The Cruel and
11. Common Customs of Compensatory marriage
12. The algebra of Watta-Satta - ‘Give-Take Bride Exchange’
13. The Revealing
14. Tribes on Trial
15. Mullah in the dock
16. Uncle Sabir
17. The Prosecutrix
18. Eight Innocent Men
19. As Per Baloch custom
20. Without Oath
21. The Marriage Witness
22. Verdict At Midnight
23. Genesis of A Jirga
24. Custodian of the Cotton Map
25. The evidence
26. The Poor in Spirit
27. The Minister, The barrister and the Police Investigator
28. You Go, Girl!!
29. Deliverance
30. Into the Mirror




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