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Jasoosi Adab - Volume 58 Larazti Lakeerein (URDU)

by Ibne Safi

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Farid Book


N/A - Year: 2013 - Pages: 616



Ibne Safi
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Author: Ibne Safi
Publisher: Farid Book
Year: 2013
Language: Urdu
Pages: 616
ISBN/UPC (if available): N/A


The settings in Ibne Safi's novels are such that the reader is never told the national origin of the heroes. Since Jasoosi Duniya was created before the independence of the subcontinent, the names of the characters and their locales suggest that the novel takes place in India.

The advent of the Imran Series came post-independence, and the reader is set up to assume that the narrative is situated in Pakistan. Besides their native countries, the main characters of both Jasoosi Duniya and Imran Series have had adventures around the world –
In cities around India and Pakistan, one can find discothèques, bars, night clubs, and hotels named after venues found in Ibne Safi's novels.

This volume, 58th in the series , brings together seven of his following mystery novels.

1. Maut ki Aahat
2. Doosra Rukh
3. Chataano ka Raaz
4. Dhanda Sooraj
5. Talash Ghumshuda
6. Aag ka Daira
7. Larazati Lakeerein

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