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Kashmir, Kargil and Indo-Pak Relations

by Balraj Madhok

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DAV Publication Division


N/A - Year: 2000 - Pages: 176



Balraj Madhok

Author: Balraj Madhok
Publisher: DAV Publication Division
Year: 2000
Language: English
Pages: 176
ISBN/UPC (if available): N/A


The Kashmir problem and Indo-Pak relation are inter-related. Though the idea of a separate Islamic state in the North-Western part of India was first floated by Dr. Iqbal in his Presidential Address at the annual session of the All India Muslim League in 1930, the name Pakistan was first coined by Ch. Rehmat Ali, a Punjabi Muslim student studying in U.K., in 1934. According to him, letters P, K & S in this name denoted Punjab, Kashmir and Sindh, which were to be an integral part of Pakistan of his conception.

This up-to-date study of the Kashmir problem is not just an academic narration of events, but is a factual, objective and analytical assessment of the whole situation upto its present critical phase, offering suggestions to solve the interrelated problems. The well known political leader and author, who has been involved in the problem right from its beginning, enables him to present a deeper insight into it along with his view that by adopting a pragmatic approach a compromise solution has become an imperative necessity for both countries.

“Having been closely associated with Jammu & Kashmir state since 1931 and being a keen student of international affairs in general and Indo-Pak relations in particular, I have often wondered at the proclivity of Indian politicians and policy-makers to deceive themselves and the people of India. Lack of correct information about the basic facts and realities on the ground and obsession with certain personalities and their whims and fads made their approach faulty and unrealistic.

“I have tried to put the record straight on the basis of my personal experiences. Apart from my active association with the events preceding and following the accession of the state of India in October, 1947, my role in the formation of Jammu Praja Parishad in 1947 and Bhartiya Jan Sangh in 1951 and the opportunities I had in my capacity as a member of Parliament and its various committees connected with defence and foreign affairs and my interaction with national and international leaders enabled me to have a deeper insight into the problems connected with Jammu & Kashmir and Indo-Pak relation.

“This study therefore is not just an academic or journalistic narration of events. It is a factual, objective, and analytical assessment of men and developments that have brought the Kashmir problem and Indo-Pak relations to the present critical phase. It also includes some constructive and realistic suggestions to solve this inter-related problem.”



1. Geo-Political Background
2. Genesis of Kashmir Problem
3. Hari Singh’s Dilemma
4. Accession to India
5. A Historic Letter
6. Blunders and Bunglings of Nehru-Shadow of Cold War
7. Game Plan of Abdullah-Article 370
8. Praja Parishad Agitation and Dr. Mookherjee’s Martydom
9. China Enter the Fray-Anglo-U.S. Plan of Partition of Kashmir Valley
10. Indo-Pak War of 1965
11. A Decisive Victory
12. The Shimla Agreement-Unrest in the Armed Forces
13. Back to Square One
14. Operation ‘Topac’
15. Religious Cleansing of Kashmir Valley
16. Extension of Proxy War to Jammu
17. Nuclearisation of India and Pakistan
18. The Kargil Operation
19. Conclusions: The Time for Decision

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