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Kitab Al-Ta'arruf Li-Madhhab Ahl Al-Tasawwuf - The Doctrine of the Sufis
Kitab Al-Ta'arruf Li-Madhhab Ahl Al-Tasawwuf - The Doctrine of the Sufis

Kitab Al-Ta'arruf Li-Madhhab Ahl Al-Tasawwuf - The Doctrine of the Sufis

by Arthur A Macdonell

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Adam Publishers


9788174356512 - Year: 2010 - Pages: 171



Arthur A Macdonell
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Author: Arthur A Macdonell
Translator(s)/ Editors(s): Abu Bakr al-Kalabadhi
Publisher: Adam Publishers
Year: 2010
Language: English
Pages: 171
ISBN/UPC (if available): 9788174356512


This Book is one of the most Valuable and important work on Sufism.

The Present book begins with a discussion of the meaning and proposed derivations of the term safi and enumerates names of the great Sufis. It then states the tenets of Islam, as accepted by the Sufis and tries to prove that Sufism as a system lies within and not without the bounds of orthodoxy. The book concludes with descriptions of the various phenomena of Sufism and of the miraulous dispensations accorded to the Sufis by God.

From the Book Introduction:

Some years ago my friend and teacher, Professor Nicholson, was so generous as to put at my disposal his manuscript of the Arabic original of the work the English translation of which is now presented to the public: the Kitab al-Ta’arruf Ii-madhhab ahl al-tasawwuf of Kalabadhi. I made a copy of this manuscript, and during a winter in Egypt I was able to collate this copy with two other much older manuscripts of the work which are preserved in the Royal Library at Cairo. Later my attention was drawn to a fourth copy, contained in the library of the later Timur Pasha, which had then just been made available to the public. These four manuscripts1 were the basis of an edition of the text which, through the generous enterprise of the well-known Cairo publisher, Khangi, was produced in the summer of 1934.

This edition, based as it is largely on manuscripts not generally available to European scholars, was not intended as a final text of the work, but rather as a basis for a future completely critical edition; for I am aware-through the kindly advice of Dr. Ritter2 -that there are in Turkey manuscripts of the work which antedate considerably those used in my edition; 3 moreover, this edition overlooks the
European manuscripts, 4 which are however of little importance compared with those in Turkey. If the occasion ever arises, and a text with full apparatus critics is planned, it is hoped that the Cairo edition will serve as a useful point of departure.




1. How the Sufis Account for their being Called Sufis
2. A List of the famous men Among the Sufis
3. A List of the Sufis who Published the Sciences of Allusion in Books and Treatises
4. A List of the Sufis who have Written on Conduct
5. Their Doctrine of Unity
6. Their Doctrine of the Attributes
7. Their Variance as to Whether God has Ceased Creating
8. Their Variance Concerning Names
9. Their Doctrine of the Qur'an
10. Their Variance Concerning the Nature of Speech
11. Their Doctrine of Vision
12. Their Variance as to the Prophet's Vision
13. Their Doctrine of Predestination and the Creation of Acts
14. Their Doctrine of Capacity
15. Their Doctrine of Compulsion
16. Their Doctrine of Advantageousness
17. Their Doctrine of Promise and Threat
18. Their Doctrine of Intercession
19. Their Doctrine of Children
20. Their Doctrine of the Duties Imposed by God on Agents
21. Their Doctrine of the Gnosis of God
22. Their Variance as to the nature of Gnosis
23. Their Doctrine of Spirit
24. Their Doctrine Angels and Messengers
25. Their Doctrine of the Faults Ascribed to the Prophets
26. Their Doctrine of the Miracles of Saints
27. Their Doctrine of Faith
28. Their Doctrine of the Realities of Faith
29. Their Doctrine of the Legal Schools
30. Their Doctrine of Earning
31. Of the Sufi Sciences of the States
32. Of the nature and meaning of Sufism
33. Of the revelation of the thoughts
34. Of Sufism and being at ease with God
35. Their Doctrine of repentance
36. Their Doctrine of abstinence
37. Their Doctrine of Patience
38. Their Doctrine of Poverty
39. Their Doctrine of humility
40. Their Doctrine of Fear
41. Their Doctrine of Piety
42. Their Doctrine of Sincerity
43. Their Doctrine of Gratitude
44. Their Doctrine of Trust
45. Their Doctrine of Satisfaction
46. Their Doctrine of Certainty
47. Their Doctrine of Recollection
48. Their Doctrine of Intimacy
49. Their Doctrine of Nearness
50. Their Doctrine of Union
51. Their Doctrine of Love
52. Their Doctrine of Detachment and Separation
53. Their Doctrine of ecstasy
54. Their Doctrine of Over mastery
55. Their Doctrine of Intoxication
56. Their Doctrine of Absence and Presence
57. Their Doctrine of Concentration and Separation
58. Their Doctrine of Revelation
59. Their Doctrine of Passing-away and Persistence
60. Their Doctrine of the Realities of Gnosis
61. Their Doctrine of Unification
62. Their Doctrine of the Description of the Gnostic
63. Their Doctrine of the Seeker and the Sought
64. Their Doctrine of toiling and Divine Practice
65. Their Doctrine of Discoursing to Men
66. Of their Piety and Pious Endeavors
67. Of God's favors to the Sufis and his warning them by means of supernatural voices
68. Of God's Warning Them by Gifts of Insight
69. Of God's Warning Them by Means of Thoughts
70. Of God's Warning Them Through Visions and Rare Favors
71. God's Favors to Them which Spring of His Jealousy
72. God's Bounties in Laying Hardships Upon Them to Bear
73. God's Grace to them at Death and After
74. Of other Graces Accorded them
75. Of Audition

1. Names of persons and places
2. Technical terms

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