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Konkani Folk Tales
Konkani Folk Tales

Konkani Folk Tales

by Olivinho J F Gomes

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National Book Trust


978812375083 - Year: 2007 - Pages: 232



Olivinho J F Gomes

Author: Olivinho J F Gomes
Publisher: National Book Trust
Year: 2007
Language: English
Pages: 232
ISBN/UPC (if available): 978812375083


At times wacky, at times full of whimsy and at other times serious, this anthology of folk tales reflects the cultural ethos and underpinnings of a community that speaks the Konkani language.

The social and religious customs, beliefs and superstitions, food habits and mode of dress of its people as well as their ever-green and fertile nature in all its exuberance are unwittingly depicted here. Also showcased is the complex tranquility and dormant cultural energy which hides in its variegated folds a veritable melting-pot of cultures.

What binds these stories together is the underlining moralistic tone upholding human values, the intuitive appreciation of various social processes and the promise for graceful progress. Some of the tales may have parallels in other regional language speaking areas as well which enables one to r3easily relate to them.

In short, this book is an interesting collection of tales for the general reader.



The Hat of a Girl
The Writ of Destiny
A Twist in Destiny
Three Brothers
The Fox and the Crocodile
The Brahmin Outwitted
Good for Evil
The Princess Beyond the Seas
The Drummer and the Princess
The Golden-haired Girl
Friends in Loyalty
The Necklace
The Seven Daughters
The Father of Giants
The Dull School-boy
The Ambitious Fox
The Path of Heaven
Indira's Rice Noodles
Who is Ungrateful: Man or Woman ?
Matching Payment
The Crab-woman
Excessive greed Leads to Grief
The Proud Camel
Grandma's Grandson
Foxes and Crabs
The Monkey and the Wooden Image
Images of Dung and Wax
The Forest Palace
Stone Rice for the Over-wise
The Mice Burrow a Mud-whole
The Swan that Sneezed Gold Coins

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