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Laugh your way to Happiness

Posted by India Club on 2/7/2017 to Spiritual
Laugh your way to Happiness

The Dalai Lama, the beloved Spiritual Leader of an entire people refuses to allow the weight of his responsibilities to weigh on him. His life is an inspiration to all of us that responsibilities needn’t rob us off our funny side. In this recently posted article on CNN, His Holiness suggests everyone let themselves be playful and find the funny in life. Studies show that A quick laugh and an ability to see humor in daily situations and to be playful have been shown to help adults lower stress levels, both for themselves and for those around them. By being playful and using humor, people also become more observant and more empathetic. They are often bored less, they learn more, they have more friends, and studies show that people who are willing to let out their playful side tend to have a better sense of all-around well-being.

His Holiness assures us that no matter how difficult your life may be, seeing the lighter side of things will bring you something much more valuable. He says, "Thinking only of the negative aspect doesn't help to find solutions and it destroys peace of mind." He adds, "I love smiles, and my wish is to see more smiles, real smiles. ... If we want those smiles, we must create the reasons that make them appear."


Date: 2/7/2017
Maneka khanna
It always..helps to see the lighter side of things..couldn't agree more with Dalai lama...He is such an inspiration

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