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Lucknow Boy - A Memoir
Lucknow Boy - A Memoir

Lucknow Boy - A Memoir

by Vinod Mehta

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9780143421443 - Year: 2013 - Pages: 325



Vinod Mehta
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Author: Vinod Mehta
Publisher: Penguin
Year: 2013
Language: English
Pages: 325
ISBN/UPC (if available): 9780143421443


Sharp, insightful, shocking, delightful . . . In this sparkling memoir, Vinod Mehta, India’s most independent, principled—and irreverent—editor finally tells his own story. With its ringside view of some major events of our times, and masterly portraits from the worlds of politics, business, films and the media, this unputdownable book brims over with wit, wisdom, scandal and gossip.


‘Vinod Mehta’s generous vision and keen curiosity effortlessly turn personal history into social and cultural history. One of those books that ought to be savoured rather than quickly swallowed. A wonderful memoir’
== Pankaj Mishra

‘I very much enjoyed reading Lucknow Boy, and in particular the
parts on London and Lucknow——so evocative’
==Patrick French

‘Vinod Mehta is an engaging raconteur, full of a fund of well-told remembrances recounted with bounding good humour . . . never tarrying at a single story too long, flitting along from one
memorable tale to another, evoking in a minimum of words a maximum of ethos, telling it as it was with little or nothing held back’
== Mani Shankar Aiyar, Tehelka

‘His autobiography is more readable than that of any other Indian, largely because Indians tend to praise themselves and thus become unreadable, while Vinod, despite his many achievements in Indian journalism, remains modest and mocks himself’
== Khushwant Singh, Hindustan Times

‘One of the reasons I so enjoyed reading this book was [Mehta’s] willingness to mock himself’
== Mark Tully, Deccan Chronicle

‘In his charming memoir . . . Vinod Mehta writes of the leisurely pace of life in his home town . . . Mehta believes that [his] “secularism was deeply personal”, [it] was learned through life, not academic instruction . . . His experience resonates with mine’
== Ramachandra Guha, Telegraph

‘It is not just the story of a life interestingly lived, but an important book for anyone who wants an insider’s view of how the Indian media works’
== The Hindu

‘A highly readable and enjoyable book, aided by Mehta’s self-deprecating style and candid confessions on his personal and professional life . . . Mehta’s book is a breezy read with lots of
salacious stuff between the covers to convince readers that there is great value for money’
== Indian Express

‘Vinod is a raconteur and has great humility, necessary ingredients for writing an engaging book. Highly recommended’
== DNA

‘A rollicking, voyeuristic read from a man who is widely known for many things: wit, an instinctive sense for story, a sophisticated understanding of the arts, a suspicion of power (his favourite author is Orwell), a keen mind and a passion for constant innovation within the medium’
== Business Standard

‘Vinod’s delightful narrative [is] pretty much what they do not teach at journalism school’
== New Indian Express

‘A delightful read. There is enough in the book to both entertain and illumine’
== Biblio

‘This memoir is as racy as a good novel’
== Deccan Herald

‘The book is highly enjoyable because of its racy and irreverent style . . . There is never a dull moment’
== Tribune

‘This is a delightful, eminently readable book. One is listening to the voice of a great raconteur’
== Sunday Guardian

‘A refreshing read that is fun, gossipy, and more in “the-country’s-role-in-my-history” mode. It is not about what a Lucknow boy does to the world, but the reverse . . . There is candour here and reticence; it is both non-judgmental and teasing . . . Like a good editor, Mehta knows more than he is telling, but Lucknow Boy succeeds because it is written with the honesty and humour of a man who knows these are a journalist’s biggest weapons’
== Open

‘Mehta has many stories to tell. Fortunately, he knows how to tell them. Mehta’s memoir reads like a delightfully candid chat with the enfant terrible of Indian journalism. Lucknow Boy is unputdownable, as much for Mehta’s adventures as his honesty, sense of humour and the fluency of his writing style’
== Elle

‘Candidly written and an easy read, the memoir doesn’t disappoint for the people and major events in his life’
== Femina

‘Mehta’s style as editor is carried over to his autobiography: shunning humbug, honest, with a clear story to tell’
== IBN Live

‘Mehta’s prose is simple, richly sprinkled with humour and twinkling with provocative opinions’
== Mumbai Boss


‘One of those books that ought to be savoured rather than quickly swallowed. A wonderful memoir’
== Pankaj Mishra

‘This autobigraphy is more readable than that of any other Indian’
== Khushwant Singh

‘Vinod Mehta is an engaging raconteur, full of a fund of well-told rmembrances recounted with bounding good humour’
== Mani Shankar Aiyar

‘A charming memoir’
== Ramachandra Guha




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