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Maharaja           (Rare Photo Illustrated)
Maharaja (Rare Photo Illustrated)

Maharaja (Rare Photo Illustrated)

by Diwan Jarmani Dass

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Hind Pocket Books


9788121612074 - Year: 2009 - Pages: 435



Diwan Jarmani Dass
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Author: Diwan Jarmani Dass
Publisher: Hind Pocket Books
Year: 2009
Language: English
Pages: 435
ISBN/UPC (if available): 9788121612074


Exciting stories that capture the magic, romance, secrets and sensuality of Princely India. Tales of love and betrayal spread over the magnificent decades of the Maharajas, with their harems of Indian and European maharanis and Mistresses, Palaces, Horses, Rolls Royces, tiger Hunts, Feasts and Darbars. An invaluable insight into a bygone era of opulence and extravagance.

This book is an intimate and fascinating insight by Diwan Jarmani Dass who rubbed shoulders with the rich and famous. A brilliant recounting of first-hand experiences, it reveals tales of chivalry and sacrifice, of love and betrayal of the kings and Princes under the British Raj, and their eventual decline.



Some Rulers and their States


Stories about the Maharaja’s private life

1. A Maharaja’s Day
2. The palace of gaiety
3. French doctors at the Palace
4. A game of Cards
5. The State Orchestra
6. New Cult of Sex Worship
7. Cricket and Politics
8. Conspiracy with Mussolini
9. Audience with Mussolini
10. British Minister at Patiala
11. A saint from Banaras
12. Interview with George V
13. Last Moments of the Grand maharaja
14. Palace Intrigue
15. Weird ways to dismiss Ministers
16. Defeat of the British!
17. Erotic Cabinet Meetings
18. Princess Gobind Kaur
19. Plight of a Princess

20. Maharaja and Collaterals
21. At Abdine Palace
22. Visit to Morocco
23. Field Marshal in Brazil
24. Turbans and Treachery
25. Ram Piari’s Tragic End
26. Quick Disposal of Files
27. The Fabled Nizam
28. Nizam and the Butter
29. Hyderabad snippets
30.The Spanish Maharani
31. Fountains and Fanfare
32. No Appetite!
33. A Nautch Girl at Indore
34. All Over Blue Eyed Rachni
35. A Junagadh Bitch that was a Princes
36. King of Dacoits
37. Gaekwad’s Stick and the British Sovereign
38. Cabinet Meetings in Water Closet
39. Lunatics as Advisors
40. Craze for New Bank Notes
41. The tragedy of Errors
42. Ominous Cockatoo
43. The Mirs and the Honours
44. Cleopatra at the Place
45. Candle Dance in the Pool
46. Pritam and the Snakes
47. Maharaja in sheep’s clothes
48. The Royal astrologer
49. Selecting a Bride
50. From the Sands of Alwar
51. Gloves and the emperor
52. For Europeans only
53. Begum Kham and the Alwar Orgies
54. All over Cold soda
55. Escapade to French India
56. Adoption and Succession
57. The pasha’s Daughter
58. Officer for the Trousers
59. Copying the Elephants
60. The Cradle of Culture
61. Royal Titles

Maharaja in Politics

62. Round Table Conference
63. Impasse over Loin Cloth
64. Federal structure
65. Salutes and Honours

End of and Epoch

66. Historico-political Canvas
67. After the Integration


Appendices A
Appendices B
Appendices C
Appendices D

Table of Salutes Fired in India

The number of Rulers in Different Slabs...

List of Rulers for Whom Provision...

List of Rulers in respect of...

List of Rulers whose Privy Purse...

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