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Mango-Coloured Fish
Mango-Coloured Fish

Mango-Coloured Fish

by Kavery Nambisan

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0140278141 - Year: 1998 - Pages: 241



Kavery Nambisan

Author: Kavery Nambisan
Publisher: Penguin
Year: 1998
Language: English
Pages: 241
ISBN/UPC (if available): 0140278141


Richly textured and boldly perceptive, this novel is a heartwarming story of a young woman's attempt to strike out on her own.

Shari's life has always been controlled by others - a domineering mother, a too-perfect sister and a kind but passive father have seen to it that her choices are shaped more by the demands of social propriety than by her own will. Inevitably, she finds herself agreeing to marry the man of their choice.

Uncertain about her decision to marry, she flees to her brother's house in Vrindaban a few weeks before the wedding. Even as she gets drawn into the busy and entirely unpredictable lives of her brother, Shari grapples with her memories: her relationship with her blind friend, and the traumatic discovery of the truth about her Uncle and Aunt whom she had always considered her surrogate parents. And as she makes peace with her past, she finds in herself the strength to confront her own future.

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