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Modern Indian History - From 1707 to the Present Day
Modern Indian History - From 1707 to the Present Day

Modern Indian History - From 1707 to the Present Day

by V D Mahajan

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S Chand & Company


812190935X - Year: 2007 - Pages: 685



V D Mahajan
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Author: V D Mahajan
Publisher: S Chand & Company
Year: 2007
Language: English
Pages: 685
ISBN/UPC (if available): 812190935X


In this Seventeenth Edition, Chapter I on “Decline and Disintegration of the Mughal Empire” has been re-written. It contains a lot of new material, which did not exist in the last edition;

Chapter II on “Rise of Autonomous states” is a new one. It discusses in detail the various States, which came into existence or became stronger as a result of the decline and disintegration of the Mughal empire.

Chapter XLI dealing with “Changes in Land Revenue Settlement” is a new one.


1. Decline and Disintegration of the Mughal Empire
2. Rise of Autonomous States
3. Society and Culture in The Eighteenth Century

1. The Advent of Europeans in India
2. Rise and Growth of the English and French
East India Companies
3. Anglo-French Struggle for supreme
Acy in the Deccan
4. The English in Bengal from 1757 to 1772
5. Warren Hastings (1772-85)
6. Lord Cornwallis and Sir John Shore
7. Lord Wellesley (1798-1805)
8. Lord Hastings and Amherst
9. Rise and Falls of the Peshwas
10. William Bentinck to Auckland
11. Ellenborough and Hardinge
12. Maharaja Rajit Singh and his Successors
13. Lord Dalhosie (1848-56)
14. The Revolt of 1857
15. Canning to Lytton
16. Ripon to Elgin (1880-1898)
17. Lord Curzon (1899-1905)
18. India Since Lord Minton
19. Constitutional Development (1772-1950)
20. Growth of Central and Provincial
21. The Nationalist Movement in India
22. Establishment of Pakistan
23. Leaders of Modern India
24. Decentralization of Finance
25. Public services in India
26. Growth of Local Self-Government in India
27. History of The Press in India
28. History of Education
29. Religious and Social Development
30. Anglo-Afghan Relations
31. The North-Western Frontier Policy
32. The Indian States
33. Legacy of British rule in India
34. Economic Impact of British rule in India
35. Famines in India and development of
Famine policy
36. Peasants Movements and Uprisings
37. The left Movements in India
38. Role of Mahatma Gandhi in the
National Movement
39. The Renaissance in India
40. Political, Cultural and Social Impact of
British rule
41. Changes in Land revenue Settlement

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