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Mughlai Khaana
Mughlai Khaana

Mughlai Khaana

by Nita Mehta

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9788178690100 - Year: 2007 - Pages: 126



Nita Mehta

Author: Nita Mehta
Publisher: SNAB
Year: 2007
Language: English
Pages: 126
ISBN/UPC (if available): 9788178690100


Mughlai Khaana stands apart as the empress of the Indian range of cooking. Though it is a legacy of the Mughals, Mughlai cooking is a part of almost all Indian festivals and celebrations. It lays stress on good ingredients, low flame and rich spices. Ingredients such as badaam (almonds), khus khus (poppy seeds) and flavoring spices such as illaichi (cardamom), dalchini (cinnamon), laung (cloves), javitri (mace) and jaiphal (nutmeg), are used to prepare Mughlai food. Curd and cream form the gravies having less stress on tomatoes. Onions are usually deep fried to a golden brown color and then blended to a paste and used in gravies. Another important aspect of this type of cooking is that the spicing of the meat dishes brings out the flavor of the meat. Though people think that Mughlai cuisine is mostly non-vegetarian, here I present a vast array of delectable vegetarian recipes also, all of Mughlai origin.

In the Mughal era, the foods laid out before Mughal royalty might well have included an aromatic pullao, a do piaza, i.e. meat cooked with a lot of fried onions, and a dumpukht, i.e. meat or chicken, smothered in almonds and raisins and then braised in butter and yogurt. Aubergines (eggplants) cooked with ginger and lime juice, various skewered and grilled or pan-fried kebabs of lamb and chicken. Most of these dishes have survived, intact, to this present day.

Kebabs are the specialty of Mughlai cooking and served as snacks as well as meal time accompaniments. Rice preparations, such as Biryani, holds a special place in Mughlai food. A special way of decorating both savory and sweet Mughlai dishes is to use 'Varq' - beaten silver leaf, which is edible.





Subz Kakori
Haryali Kebab
Gulnar Seekh Kebab
Poodina Dal Kebabs
Vegetarian Shami Kebab
Poodina Kaju Kebabs

Kakori Kebab
Pista Murg Tikka
Boti Kebab
Peshawari Murg Kebab
Shikampuri Kebab
Afghani Tangri Kebabs
Mughlai Seekh Kebabs
Shami Kebab
Tandoori Murg
Galouti Kebab
Chicken Tikka
Murg Malai Tikka

Dum Murg
Murg Nizam
Murg Korma
Murg Navrattan
Haryali Murg
Pista Waala Murg

Shahi Gosht
Keema Matar
Malai Kofta Curry
Mutton Shabdegh
Roghan Josh
Nargisi Kofte
Gosht Do Piyazah
Gosht Shahjehani
Dahi Gosht

Paneer & Vegetable Korma
Zafrani Kofta
Subz Shahjahani
Shahi Baby Corns
Malai Kofta in Magaz Gravy
Mughlai Dum Aloo
Reshmi Paneer Masala
Dilruba Aloo Matar
Sufeed Mughlai Paneer
Baby Corn & Paneer Ka Saalan
Gobi Mussallam
Khoya Matar Makhaana
Baghare Baingan
Karela Mussallam
Khumb Masala
Shahi Khoya Matar
Dal Makhani
Aloo Pasanda
Paalak Ka Saalan
Vegetable Akbari
Aloo Tamatar Shola
Baigan Aur Mirch Ka Saalan
Nawabi Guchhi
Dum Allo Chutney Wale
Mughlai Style Nuggets
Methi Malai Khumb Matar
Lazeez Chane Ki Dal
Paalak Paneer
Kathal Laajawaab
Hare Chane Ka Saalan
Peshawari Bhein
Arbi Mumtaaz
Makhani Arbi Masala
Haryali Kofte


Aloo Matar Ki Taharee
Khumb Biryani
Subz Masala Pulao
Miloni Taharee
Zafrani Subz Biryani
Methi Tamatar Pullao
Poodina Parantha
Lachha Parantha
Missi Roti
Tandoori Roti
Khumbi Pullao
Romali Roti
Nan Badaami
Nan Afghani

Chicken Pullao
Yakhni Pullao
Tandoori Keema Parantha
Hyderabadi Murg Biryani
Champae Waale Chaawal
Lazeez Kulche

Kesar Kulfi
Sewian Zarda
Shahi Tukri
Baadami Sewian Kheer

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