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Navamsa - System of Prediction

by R K Das

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Ranjan Publications


N/A - Year: 2014 - Pages: 184



R K Das
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Author: R K Das
Publisher: Ranjan Publications
Year: 2014
Language: English
Pages: 184
ISBN/UPC (if available): N/A


In the traditional Hindu Astrology there are sixteen divisions of a sign, named as Shodasa Vargas. Navamsa is one of them.

The Rashi chart is the main chart, all divisional other charts base and depend practically upon it. All events of the native's life can be known from the Rashi chart, and the divisional charts are used to confirm specific events. For examples, the financial status, wealth and personal emotions can be known from Hora chart.

Brothers, sisters, family tree, hopes, accidents, criminality and suicidal propensities can be studied from Drekkana chart. Dasamsa chart is studied for knowing about jobs, destiny, good fortune etc. Dwadasamas chart is used to know details about parents, past and future lives etc. and so on.

Generally of all aspects the Rashi chart are judged by the Navamsa chart as well, although the Navamsa chart has its special areas, viz, the married life and marital happiness of the native. Of all the divisional charts the Navamsa chart is considered as important as the ‘Rashi chart for knowing almost all events of the native's life.

In the first chapter of this book the extents of a Navamsa and various definitions of Navamsa are given.

The second chapter deals with erection of Navamsa chart and positions of the planets in it etc. Then the third chapter deals how the strength of the planets in the Rashi chart can be ascertained by the Navamsa chart. Combinations for nullification of evils, inauspicious Navamsa influences and Navamsa combination for material success have been dealt with in these chapters.

Then Navamsa combinations in different Bhavas of the Rashi chart have been given in chapter 4. Jaimini's Atmakaraka Navamsa and its results are dealt with in a separate chapter. Importance of Navamsa in female Horoscopy, in marriage and in the matters of progeny have been discussed in separate chapters.

How Navamsa is connected with Birth Rectification, Longevity Determination and Amsayurdaya system has been dealt lucidly. N avamsa in Horary Astrology, in unknown Birth, in Ashtakavarga, in Electional Astrology, in Mundane Astrology, in Dasa system, in Gochara are dealt with in separate chapters.

How to judge a Rashi chart along with Navamsa chart, has been shown in a separate chapter. Judging a Navamsa chart alone with illustration and using the Navamsa chart as the birth chart of the spouse with an illustration is shown in detail in two different chapters.

The importance and use of Navamsa in Annual horoscopy is also discussed. How the Navamsa charts should be judged has been discussed at various appropriate places. How Dasa-Antardasa periods as per Navamsa chart should be followed has been indicated, at various places of this book as simple and easy as possible.




I. Navamsa-Extents and Definitions

II. Erection of Navamsa Chart and Strength of the Planets and Bhavesha.

III. The Moon and Navamsa; the Navamsa Marring a Horoscope; Navamsa Leading to Kingship and Material Success.

IV. Navamas in Different Bhavas
First Bhava And Navamsa.
Second Bhava And Navamsa
Third Bhava And Navamsa
Fourth Bhava And Navamsa
Fifth Bhava And Navamsa
Sixth Bhava And Navamsa
Seventh Bhava And Navamsa
Eighth Bhava And Navamsa
Ninth Bhava And Navamsa
Tenth Bhava And Navamsa
Eleventh Bhava And Navamsa
Twelfth Bhavas And Navamsa

V. The Atmakaraka Navamsa

VI. Navamsa and Female Horoscopes

VII. Navamsa in Marriage & Progeny

VIII. Navamsa in -Birth Rectification

IX. Navamsa in Longevity Determination

X. Navamsa in Horary Astrology

XI. N avamsa in Unknown Birth

XII. Method of judging a Navamsa Chart

XIII. Navamsa Relevant To Various Predictive Tools
Navamsa An Aid To Rashi Chart
N avamsa An Independent Study
Navamsa And Spouse
Navamsa And Astakavarga
Navamsa And Gochara
Navamsa In Electional Astrology
Navamsa In Annual Horoscopy
Navamsa In Mundane Astrology
Navamsa And Dasa—Antardasa

XIV. Planet In Different Navamsas Of Different Signs

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